Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quick Trip

     We're back!!!! - After making a quick trip to Brainerd over the weekend to take care of some computer problems for my folks and drop off cookie dough and help put some watercraft away for the winter and take a ride looking for deer who knew deer season was closing in and decided to hide and we did some shopping including two stops for McRibs which are back - yum, yum!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


     As a thank you for my soccer coaching this year - I received a fair amount of cash.  In deciding what to do with such a wonderful gift, I've decided to do some upgrading on my computer as it has been giving me some problems as of late.  I've decided to upgrade my motherboard, CPU,  and memory and add a card reader.  When I complete my upgrade, parts that I'm upgrading will be used to upgrade other computers as well.

     While this may not sound like a crazy thing to do - I'm going to make Ubuntu (a Linux operating system) my main operating system putting windows into a virtual box to run a few things that I still need it for - mainly my Bible programs.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Change is in the Air

     Change is in the air - and I'm not talking about the weather.  Today at work I learned that our work schedule is going to be changing at the beginning of next year.  While we don't have all the specifics yet - we will be doing away with our current 4 week rotation of 3 weeks of nights and 1 week of days and we will also be doing away with 10 hour works days.  What we will end up with is M-F 8 hours a day with straight day and straight night shifts - no more rotations.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A little sore

     What do you call it when things are back to normal but there not back to normal because normal is crazy?

     Yesterday brought our soccer season to a close and in so doing I spent nearly 2 1/2 hours on the soccer field playing against all the kids.  First the parents played against the junior team and won 3-2 and than with a little help from alumni players the parents took on the older kids and beat them 3-2 also.  As a result of the running I am very sore and will more than likely be the rest of the week.

     Our soccer season ended with two losses in the tournament but it wasn't because the kids played poorly.  In both games the played hard and kept the goalies on the other teams very busy while keeping ours bored.

     Maybe I can sit around and blog now.......