Saturday, June 28, 2014


June has been a busy month

Several if not all of us have been gone almost every weekend.
  • First it was a graduation party for my niece in Brainerd.  I just had to go and give her a bad time.....
  • Second was a wedding in Bemidji.  Friends of ours tied the knot and my oldest two were playing music for the wedding.
  • Third was a rally in Brainerd
  • And fourth was the transfer of one on the kids from one Bible camp to another.
Somewhere, wedged in all of this was my birthday, fathers day, Drivers Ed for the 15year old, swimming, a camp out for the older two boys, my oldest doing some house sitting and even flooding.

I'm thinking I may be glad for June to end.

Oh yeah, I also decide to try putting together another blog which I'm calling PupperPologia.  More on that in the future.

Friday, June 13, 2014

A Duck In The Rain

     It has been a wet spring.  Many farmers in the area are wanting the rain to stop so they can get there crops in the field but the forecast keeps calling for more rain.  The other day it rained and rained, leaving a large puddle in our front yard which has been nicknamed Lake of the Woods.  Well, when I went to work that morning, a duck was swimming around in the puddle and took off.  To top it off, this morning it got down to 37 degrees.  at this rate we might get rid of the rain, maybe it will turn to snow....  Maybe summer will come.