Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May 2015

     The Month of May was busy starting with my daughter's wedding.  The wedding took place May 2nd at 2:07 - starting at 7 minutes past the hour was their humor.  It was a beautiful day with over 260 at the wedding.  The bride and groom quietly disappeared during the reception for a honeymoon up the north shore of Lake Superior.  They have been enjoying married life. 

     Along with the wedding brought family to visit which stayed around until Sunday after the wedding.  Once they left we were off to the next event a piano recital for my middle boy.  From the recital we went to a home school graduation ceremony and reception.  By month end we had went to two different home school ceremonies and around a dozen open houses.  Over all I think we handed out 20 grad cards this year.

     The second Sunday of the month I updated the family computer from Windows XP to Windows 7.  Later in the week,  the oldest boy went to Thief River Falls to work on taking his GED tests.  He completed two of the tests and passed both.  The week also brought over 2 inches of rain.

     During the third week my wife lit the big bonfire and burned up a bunch of brush.

     The month also brought some vehicle problems.  On my car, well, it was being backed out of a driveway by my oldest boy and he backed it into the ditch thinking the driveway was on the other side of the driveway marker.  That wasn't a problem until they decided to pull it out and wrap the tow rope around the stabilizer bar and, well, it didn't like being pulled on and, well, it wasn't stabilizing anything once the car was out of the ditch.  He replaced the part but it still needed alignment done.

     The car was not alone as our 12 passenger van also developed a problem - a blown brake line.

     During the last week of the month the pool began going up and being filled but time had taken it's toll.  The air tube around the top kept splitting open and would not hold air.  The fix that my wife found was to place some tubes inside the ring and it worked but then - the pump quit so a new pump was ordered up.  Even before the pool had, had a chance to warm up, kids were already in it.

     The last week of the month also brought a new swing set to the yard put together by Grandpa.

    After all that we celebrated a birthday for my third daughter who turned 11.  For her birthday she had several friends over.

     On the last Saturday of the month we went to another wedding.  We still have more wedding for the summer and I think it is now here.