Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm Not That Crazy

     On Friday I drove the family to Buena Vista for their yearly ski trip.  My wife had planed to get on the road about 6:30 but it was after 7:00 before we left and than before we were even a mile from the house we had to turn around because of forgotten items.  The drive itself started out great but turned nasty about half way there.  With a windshield wiper that didn't want to work correctly, heavy snow coming down and unplowed roads, I was down to35 mph but we arrived safely at the slopes and about an hour later the snow quit and the sun came out.

     At the slopes, I stayed indoors and took care of the 2 year old as I'm not crazy enough to ski - I prefer to keep my limbs in one unbroken. The other six kids had a great time skiing and snow boarding.  At one point I did have to have my wife help change a messy diaper.  It wasn't because I was unable but it was so bad it was a two person job and it was smelling up the entire third floor of the chalet.

     After a quick stop at Grandma and Grandpas afterwards for some mashed potatoes and gravy and to drop the oldest off for a few days we hit the road for home. A stop at McDonalds on the way through Baudette gave us a chance to stretch and we were given some pies  and than we were soon home only to find it had not snowed.

     Besides the ski trip the week was busy including my wife's trip to Thief River Falls for a dentist appointment and shopping, A trip to Roseau for my Daughter's senior pictures. take a picture with Sparky night at Awana, staying late at work to do some training and my wife's trip to the side walk banging up her knee.

I wonder what next week will bring?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Rain or Snow or Both

     This last week I got to watch it rain while it was snowing.  On Wednesday I brought a group of people from the department at work down to the test chambers to watch a water test which is the equivalent of rain hitting a window at 45 mile an hour to see if it leaks. (Sounds like I may get to watch these test every month now) In the meantime it was snowing outside as winter finally arrived. 

     This past week has also been a week of cold as temps reached over 20 below zero several times.  The cold even brought the cancellation of our kids ski trip.  I think they'll try again next week when it should be in the 20's above zero.  When we go to the ski trip I usually sit in the lodge with the little ones and leave the crazy stuff (putting on skis and going down the hill) to my wife and kids.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Tenting, Testing, Tripping and Books

     Last night it was 5 below zero, last night 2 of my girls slept in a tent - in the living room. Beyond that not too many crazy things happened this week around our house hold.

     The kids have been busy doing their CAT tests and the oldest got started on her college classes she's taking on-line.

     On Wednesday I was part of a group from my department at work that took a trip to our Grafton plant for a tour. It was an interesting trip and I decided to sit in the back of the big van to see what it was like since my kids always sit in the back of our big van.  Because of the trip I think I was on the clock for almost 12 hours.  It was a long day and when I got home I turned around and went back to town to guard  a hot tub - from within it.  It was swim night for the Awana club of which I'm one of the leaders and the kids are not allowed in the hot tub but of course that's where they all want to go.

     The last of my books that I ordered with the gift cards I got for Christmas arrived this week.  The books - 8 in total - all revolve around apologetics in some way.  The books I got include
  • The Creation Answers Book
  • Alien Intrusion
  • Darwin's Demise
  • Refuting Compromise
  • Evolution Exposed
  • Icons of Evolution
  • If God, Why Evil?
  • The 10 Most Important Things You Can Say to a Mormon
     I should have plenty to read for awhile.  I still have more books I want but they'll have to wait.

Friday, January 6, 2012

First week 2012

     Have you kept your New Year's Resolutions?  I haven't set mine yet so I haven't been able to break them.

     I survived my first week of work for 2012 with my new job.  The week was only suppose to be Tuesday to Thursday because Monday was a holiday and we are on 4 day weeks but we were so busy that our dept worked Friday to try and catch up.  Anyway - Tuesday I got myself set up on the computer at the desk I know have and on Thursday I had to do it again as the computer department came out and reset the computer to my name.  I also had a phone set up which would hang up as soon as you answered it or if you tried to make a call it would hang up before you could finish dialing. - over all - a good week.

     The kids spent time outside building a snow fort with what little snow we have as temps sored into the 40's above zero - it should be 40 below zero this time of year.