Saturday, August 16, 2014

Soccer Season

     Soccer Season has arrived.

     This past week the kids had two practices and from what I have see so far.... It is going to be a great season.  It will also be a challenging season as I have 36 kids on the roster.  Now, as many of you may know, In a official game only 11 kids can be on the field at any one time.  The challenge comes in trying to keep the team strong on the field while get the weaker kids playing time so they can strengthen their skills and abilities.   One thing I like to do is Scrimmage, Scrimmage and Scrimmage.  This does allow kids lots of playing time.

     To help with all these kids I have a returning assistant coach who will be helping again for the third year and I have another who has volunteered starting the second week.  For this, I am very thankful.  Hopefully, with their help, I'll be organized and ready to go by the end of the season.....  May the Craziness be with us.