Friday, June 24, 2011

Work Schedule

     Sometimes work schedules can be quite crazy.  After working the last 4 days mine is heading in that direction and it will soon catch up to me as I went crazy along time ago....  Any ways I now have 3 days off than work 1 than 1 off than work 2 than 4 off than work 1 than 2 off than work 2 than 1 off than work 4.

     Other than a trip to the pool to sit in the hot tub and than take everyone too DQ, nothing much has been happening at least from my stand point.  Of course the kids are keeping busy with school and music.  Yeah we're crazy as the kids are doing school through the summer.  If I remember right the older 4 are all doing Spanish and Geography, while the oldest is doing physics and the next oldest is doing biology.  and of course music involves violin, guitar and piano. and lets not forget swimming class.  I think they may be busier than I am at work some days.

     Speaking of work it has been deiced that I'll start training a person to do the job of running our router so I'm not stuck on it all day everyday so I can do the job I'm suppose to do.  Believe it or not, I've been there at Marvin windows for 19 years now.

     Now to find something to do on this beautiful day - the sun is to shine and temps could hit mid 70's and it's not suppose to rain.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Word Fun

I want to amaze you with a maze of maize said Mr. Mays.

Found guilty of murder they would hang her with a hanger in a hangar

A parrot wore a parachute to pare a pair of pears

Each Sneetch on the beach would teach a leech on a peach to reach

Could the checker check her with a checker

In earnest did an ern try to earn an urn

Sunday, June 12, 2011


     Well, I turned a year older since last I posted.  My B-day was last Friday a day I took off from work to stay home and work.  Yeah, I'm crazy.  Last Sunday we picked up a metal shed kit on the way home from Bemidji to store lawn mowers and bikes in. Well, on Friday I braved the mosquitoes and with the help of several of the kids we started putting up the shed.  By late afternoon we had the walls up and the roof on but the mosquitoes got to be too much so we quit for thew night. Some where in there I opened presents (candy) and replied to over 20 birthday wishes.

     Saturday morning with the help of kids again we finished fastening the roof and put the doors together and put them in place. and than worked at cleaning up.  I wanted to go to the state park that day but timing didn't work out as company was to arrive in the afternoon. 

     My Parent's arrived from Brainerd and after some visiting and going through sevral boxes and bags of stuff they brought up, it was time for the Birthday cake - which was blueberry cheese cake smothered in candles. After we let that set for a while it was off to town as my folks took us out to eat but we had a problem.  Our big van's battery was about dead as someone had left an interior light on for a couple days.  After trying to jump it unsuccessfully we all piled into our smaller van and headed to town.  After the meal we hit the pool and DQ and than came home and settled down for bed or should I say I settled down - the kids were wound up on sugar.

     Sunday morning we had church service an hour early followed by getting the van started (jumper cables were bad) and a Turkey dinner with all the goodies. Shelly than left with the older two girls for a Bible Bee picnic and my folks headed home. Now it's time to sort through all the old computer stuff they brought in the boxes and figure out what all they brought - (It came from my Grandpa who passed away earlier this year.)

Thursday, June 9, 2011


     This has got to be crazy.  This morning as I headed to work I had to SCRAPE my windshield.  YES! it was covered with frost. Makes me wonder if I live in the same state as those who were experiencing 100+ temps the other day.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Less than 24 hours

     This past weekend we took a trip to Bemidji to hear a missionary from the Ukraine. Afterwards we did some shopping at Menards where we found a 20 inch bicycle for 20 dollars after rebate.  We decided to get it for Melissa.  Less than 24 hours later it is ready for the trash heap but not because of poor quaility.

     My wife was preparing to take the kids to town to the so they could ride bikes on the bike trail and in so doing she asked the 12 year old to load his bike and Melissa's in the back of the van and the 15 year old to turn the van around so the trailer could be hooked up.  Well, one bike got loaded and the other was left leaning against the back of the van.  Than, with out looking to make sure things were out of the way, the van was backed up, right over the top of the new bike.

     I'm not sure I'll be able to fix it and if I am able it may cost more than what we payed for the bike. To top it off, we put training wheels back on Melissa's old bike and handed it down to the next child in line so now she doesn't have a bike.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A little windy

     It's been a little windy around here as of late.  On my way home today the wind was blowing the car around on the road and the local radio station said the forecast was for winds blowing 16 to 22 mph but the were supposedly blowing from 22 to 28 mph.  That didn't seem right so I looked at the computer when I got home and the winds were was actually blowing around 35 with gusts up to 49.  I don't think I'll fly a kite today - not sure I want to go to OZ for a visit.

     When the wind blows trees often start to come down and there has been at least three down close to home.  The first one noticed was just off the edge of the yard than the kids found another blown into the power lines not far from the house and this afternoon they found a third tree across the road to the south of us.