Saturday, October 10, 2015

September 2015

     September around our house is Soccer month as I coach the junior home school league and have 4 kids that play soccer.  That meant practices on Monday nights and Thursday nights for the juniors and the seniors and practices on Tuesday nights for the seniors unless of course there was a game scheduled.  Most weeks were busy 4 nights a week.  The juniors started the season off with a win and by then end of the regular season they had won 5 games and lost 1.  I even found my self scrimmaging with the senior kids on many occasions.

     September also brought to us temperature extremes from temps in the 90's to temps in the 20's.  Of course, it is that time of year.

On the day after Labor Day I did something I had not done before - I went flying - for work.  Since I represent quality, I became a part of a team that flew out of Warroad to the cities and then up to Princeton to do a run off / buy off on a new piece of equipment for the department I cover at work.  My wife and youngest 4 kids saw me off at the airport and the pilot even took the kids in to the plane to see it.  It was an enjoyable trip and a great learning experience.  I'll have more trips like this in October - after soccer and before baby comes.

     The second Saturday of the month was a fun day for the kids as the local sporting goods store puts on a day for kids 8-16 including things like rock climbing, water and fire safety, bird identification, and even shooting.  afterwards they give away many prizes including guns for the kids.  I went along to help chaperon kids and get them from one event to the next on time. Afterwards I spoiled my kids with ice cream cones.

     On the third Wednesday of the month our local AWANA club started.  Our family not only has several kids participating at different levels but we also help as leaders.  My wife is secretary and I am game leader for the sparks age group, my one daughter is going to lead the Cubbies group and my married daughter works with the T&T girls group.

     On the 18th the Jack Pine Retreat started.  This is a church retreat that we host every year.  It is camping in the woods and this year we had over 70 people join in the activities. Our theme this year was change.  When all was done, my wife and youngest kids decided to spend an extra night as the weather was so nice.

     Wedged in amongst all the activities were several trips to the local corn maze.

     Not all things that happened is September were positive.  On the last Saturday of the month we received a news that my middle sister's husband died.  He had a heart condition and had, had a small heart attack early on that he did not know about. I'm hearing that my sister will likely move back to Minnesota.