Sunday, July 5, 2015

June 2015

     Well, June is over with no big surprises.

     Early in the month my wife left - for town - to house sit for about a week and a half for some friends.  I still got to see here everyday.  She enjoyed the quiet and saved herself on gas so I was able to go in an hour late each day to bring kids to town and then home afterward.

     During that week the kids also went to a VBS which they enjoyed and my oldest son took a trip to Thief River with my wife to finish hi GED testing and passed.  So, he is done with school.

     On the 10th of the month I hit something - the half century mark, as I turned 50 years old. While I received many birthday wishes, we did not do anything special. - I did get a puzzle and some candy.

     The same week I turned fifty we started a six week walking challenge at work so I've been working on walking.  At the same time I have been working on loosing some weight.  I've been successful on both attempts.  It has been enjoyable seeing all the things I've seen while walking - wild flowers and wild life.

     We received a new to us table and chair set for our kitchen which is a little bigger then our old table which we had since before we were married over 22 years ago.  Also new to the house was a car - Aaron bought another used car so he has a running one to get him to work and about.

     On the 17th I came home to a gaggle of giggly girls as the girls had a pool party.  It was the perfect day with the temps in the 80's.  I think they even had the canoe out in the pond.

     Father's day came on the 21'st and the day started out with home made glazed donuts.  That was later followed by home made taco pizza.  This was all followed by a trip to town because Jason - the life guard - got called into work, so we went out to eat and I got a free Sundae.

     The last week of the month our printer died and I found a new one on sale at Tiger Direct.  With its arrival we can print again.  Which will be needed as School season closes in which reminds me that school books were ordered this month as well.

     The last week end of the month found my wife house sitting again.  This time for her parents n Bemidji as they need her to take care of several farm animals while they were in Iowa.  The weekend also saw our youngest three girls off to Bible camp for the week and so concluded our boring month of June.