Friday, November 25, 2011


     I don't think it's really a crazy thing to put a Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving and that's what we did this evening.We even started to put packages under it. 

     Tomorrow is / was suppose to be my last scheduled Saturday of work that I would have to work since we will not be working Saturdays next year, however, due to inventory next weekend and since I'm some where between management and production I'm required to work.  Depending on how the day goes it could be a long day as we go until we are done, even if it means working 12+ hours.  Of course it will be all overtime which will be nice.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Shopping

     Have you started to do your Christmas shopping yet?  When you take the 9 in our family, the 9 we drew names for on my side of the family, the 9 we drew names for on my wife's side of the family and than add to that something special for both  sets of parents we end up with a lot of presents to get.  So, with that many gifts to get I figures it was time to start shopping and I'm about a third done - sort of.  Stuff has been ordered but we are still waiting for it to arrive.  Give me another two weeks and I'll have the tree up and we've already started to listen to Christmas music - in fact I'm listening to it now.

Friday, November 4, 2011


     Today I went all out and upgraded my computer - I changed out the motherboard, processor, and memory.  In the process I found lots and lots of dust.  Once everything was back together I reformatted the hard drive and loaded not Windows but Linux - Ububtu to be exact.  I'm now running with a dual core processor and 8 gigs of ram.  I have my email and web browser all up and running - with out losing an email or a bookmark.  I still have another day of work to do on it as I finish loading up programs, etc.