Friday, April 29, 2011

A box and A present

     The other day the little girls were playing with a bigger box that we had got with the purchase of a new medicine cabinet for one of the bathrooms.  The girls kept having fun getting inside the box and pretending they were a present for me. With a little bit of help they had someone make a tag that said to "Michael Trott"  I took out my name tag and said my tag says I'm "Mike Trott" so this present must belong to someone else.  They than had the tag re-made to say "Mike Trott" so I pulled out my drivers license and claimed it said I was "Michael Trott," so this present must be for someone else. This time they wrote the tag to say to the "Best Dad in the world" so I looked at it and hollered "Grandpa! I have a present for you." Not to give up they wrote the tag to the "Craziest Dad in the world."  I had to open the present than...Now I'm thinking about renaming this blog "The Craziest Dad."

Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend In Review

Easter this year was spent in Bemidji for our family.  We left Friday after eating Steak and potatoes only to realize we had forgot to bring the sewing machines along so we could drop them off in Bemidji to get fixed.  When we arrived the younger girls had lots of fun with their cousins, actually they had fun with them all weekend long and we unpacked and relaxed.

Saturday we took the kids and went to the tanker base for the DNR (Our friend works there as a dispatcher) and got to climb inside the plane including the cockpit.  From there we headed out to look at trailers - but we didn't buy one and we checked out the new Menards where the youngest three got balloons. From there it was time to pick up a few groceries and than back to grandma's for some more play time.  Somewhere in there I also helped grandpa with the picnic table he was building.

Sunday morning we were going to go back to Walmart but never made it.  Went to church and than back to the house where we had a big turkey dinner for 22.  After that the kids did an Easter egg hunt and we passed out stockings (they were left over from Christmas.) We than finished packing up and headed for the gas station.  It only cost $105 to fill the tank. A stop at McDonalds so the kids could play it was off to home.

Once home we unpacked and had another Easter egg hunt and soon it was bed time.

Today has brought warmth and the kids have decided it is shorts weather.  Even David is running around outside with nothing on but a diaper. - scratch that, he just took it off...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Going on a Trip

       This past week has been a little uneventful again. I worked the night shift and on Wednesday I took off half the night to go to our Awana's award night where three of our kids brought home awards for Bible memorization.

     We did get more snow this past week but it has melted away and ever so slowly the yard is drying out.

     Last year for Easter our family took a trip to Brainerd with a quick stop at Bemidji.  So, this year we are going to Bemidji with maybe a quick stop in Brainerd. I'm hoping for the possibility to check out the new Menard's in Bemidji while we are there and we may be looking for a trailer big enough to haul both of our riding mowers on as the kids have a summer mowing job.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Quiet Week?

     Not much in the way of excitement around the house this week.  We've had warm days - close to 70 - and we've had snow.  The roads have been improving. the kids had a fire in the fireplace so they could roast marshmallows, Wife made a trip to the mill to get flour, oatmeal, and rice, sent two boys to a sleepover, had our last official night of Awana with awards next week, we still have snow in the yard, got to eat a Cadbury egg, set the tent up in the living room, let two little girls go play at the "rainbow park" for an hour in the cold wind, took a nap - yeah, just a quiet week.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Stinks

No Wonder the bathroom stinks :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nice Link, Etc..

      I love Christian Apologetics and recently I came across this link to several series of talks on apologetics here.  Since than I've been doing lot's of down loading.

      Yesterday the girls participated in a local home-school tournament and brought home several ribbons. After they got home we than put up the trampoline which the kids have been enjoying.

      My wife also brought home about 20 dozen eggs that were given to her.

     This past week I made my 100th post on my blog Everyday Thankfulness. And saw three robins in the front yard which looks more like a lake and the frogs have begun to sing.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Is Here

     Today the water level under the house got to the point where we needed to start a pump to move it out.  If we let it get too high it ruins our well pump as we have learned in the past. So, when the well pump starts sounding funny as my wife told me it was we know the water is high and I start the pump and the kids have more water to play with.

      We can also tell spring is here because the lovely gravel roads are becoming a mess.  Up until the snow we got last Sunday they had been doing pretty good but as of today they're not.  The last 1/2 mile is the worst.

     Another sign that spring has arrived is on our thermometer. Today it read 60 degrees.

     If everything continues with the warmer temps and melt down of the snow, this Saturday I'm going to help the kids put the trampoline up.