Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rainy Weather

     My 5 day weekend is drawing to a close and it's been a wet one.  After blogging last - 2 days ago - I put together our new grill.  The guy at Walmart  said it would only take a half hour to do - it took over two.  I thought I would have had more help from little hands but they had too much fun playing with the big box the grill came in.

      Monday the rain continued but I put the grill to use for lunch between showers.  We grilled hamburgers and brats and added baked beans, potato salad, chips and dip and a few other things.  Perfect. Other than cleaning out our van from the trip to Bemidji we than did very little the rest of the day.

     Tuesday (today) it's back to school for the kids as they will be doing some school most of the summer. A couple kids went to the pool for swimming while I stayed home with a crabby boy and the other 4 kids and tried to clean my desk which I finally found.  After lunch a trip to the DMV to license the new trailer we bought.was in store and since we were there a trip through the grocery store filled up the trunk.  A little bit of blog work and a little nap complemented the day.

     I suppose that the weather will clear up now and be sunny as I head back to work tomorrow.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


     Well, This crazy dad just returned from a weekend trip to Bemidji.

     On Friday it was child # 5's birthday, Yep, on Friday Melissa turned 7 years old and while she received a bunch of Zoobles, she really wanted to go to Bemidji to Grandma's and to "Putt n Go," so much so that Thursday night she cries herself to sleep because nobody had packed to go.  Well, Friday afternoon we all packed up and went to Bemidji so she could have her birthday wish but we had to wait to go to Putt n Go because of rain.  On Saturday after a lunch of pizza burgers we loaded 6 of the kids in the car and headed out to shop and go to Putt n Go while Aaron stayed behind and helped Grandpa fix an antifreeze leak on grandpa's car.

     Once we got to Putt n Go the kids had a blast but they couldn't go down the slide as it was not warm enough for them to open it up. First they hit the bumper boats and David cried when the ride ended and he had to get out,  Next they did the go carts and that's where I got dragged in to drive.  Once they were done three kids headed over to the mini golf and before they could finish, down came the rain.

     From there, we went to Menards to check on and pick up a couple things like a teeball set and a 48 inch beach ball and a few more items.  Walmart was next where we got a new bike for Jason and a new grill which the kids are anxiously waiting to put together.

     Sunday we went to church in Bemidji and was able to witness a baptism which is always a special event.  The gal that was baptized was my wife's brother's wife's sister's Mother-in-law. After a lunch of Tacos we packed up and went shopping one more time and bought a trailer.  Half way home we were tempted to use it to haul a crabby child.

     Upon are arrival home we were attacked by swarms of vicious mosquitoes.  As a result we left the van unloaded until tomorrow when hopefully the mosquitoes will have died down a little.

     All in all it was a wonderful weekend and it's still not over.  Hope your weekend is just as fun filled.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Loooooooooooooooooooong Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

     I think I just survived the first week back to 40 hours a week of nights with little to do, so little that we actually shut down the sash area Thursday night - for some reason or another we talked a lot about music and old shows.  After that I wanted to sleep in on Friday but guess what - all kids were up by 7:30, kids that would sleep all morning if you let them. oh well what's sleep any ways.

     Since the kids left home wouldn't sleep.... (3 of the girls are at track and field day at Kitchi Pines and my wife is shopping - she took the big van, I may be broke by the time she gets home.) I took the kids to town and dropped 2 off at a sleep over and took the littlest 2 to the Dairy Queen for a blizzard and than to the park.

     Now that I'm home I'll need to try and stay cool as it is 82 out and 79 in. and wait till every one comes home.  Tomorrow will be graduation for the home school group up here followed by open houses and it's suppose to rain - not snow- I think I'm missing winter all ready as I've been typing this I've had to keep slapping at mosquitoes..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Phonetic Alphabet

     Sometime back I got this in one of my e-mails. I found it and thought I'd share it If you need to spell something out use this code

A - as in Are                           B - as in Bee                             C - as in Cite

D - as in Double-U                 E - as in Eye                             F - as in Five

G - as in Genre                       H - as in Hoe                             I - as in I

J - as in Junta                         K - as in Knot                            L - as in Lye

M - as in Me                            N - as in Nine                            O - as in Owe

P - as in Pseudonym              Q - as in Queue                        R - as in Rap

S - as in Sea                            T - as in Tsunami                      U - as in Understand?

V - as in Vie                             W - as in Why                            X - as in Xylophone

Y - as in You                             Z - as in Zero

Saturday, May 14, 2011


     Today brings to an end 32 hour weeks / 8 hour days at work - starting next week we are back to 10 hour days / 40 hour weeks and of course it just so happens that I'll be working the night shift next week from 4:00 PM to 2:30 AM. To work those hours one must be crazy.

     Today also marked the beginning of fishing season in Minnesota and no I didn't go, In fact I haven't gone for many years but I can remember getting up and going out fishing at Midnight as soon as it opened - yeah, I was crazy.

     Had some fun with Melissa and Laura earlier this evening with North, South, East, and West. With Laura on my shoulders Her and Melissa kept trying to get me to go some where by hollering out a direction but they couldn't remember East and were having all kinds of trouble (fun) trying to get me where they wanted me.

     This past week I got to hear the whipper wills which have returned to the area.  Some nights it seems like they call all night long.  Night sounds when you live out in the state forest can become loud.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

More Word Fun

Oh, to have a tutu or two too.

If I could only see a "C" on a sea.

The beau with a bow took a bow from the bough

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Word Fun

The bare bear could barely bare to bare another bare bear.

Mr. T spilled tea on his T shirt while preparing to tee off on the ninth tee against a T-rex.

Is was plain to see he was using a plain plane in a plane over a plain plane.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Name Change

     Well, I did it - I changed my blog name again thanks to my little girls who think I'm the craziest dad.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


     Survived another sleep over last night.  I think the kids had fun, the boys that spent the night brought their air soft guns and the kids did a bunch of shooting around the yard.  The only problem I had with their fun was the smudges all over my safety glasses they borrowed.

     On Wednesday we celebrated my oldest daughter's birthday - she's now 17 But that didn't take place until; after my wife made a trip to a dentist in Grand Forks for David.  It appears as if his teeth are as bad as his older siblings (Melissa and Laura)  He'll need to spend a day have crowns, caps, etc done to a bunch of his teeth.

     On Thursday evening my wife took the younger kids to a fund raising carnival and than to the pool only to realize that when we had made a trade off earlier in the day she had forgotten to transfer her swim suit and check book.

     Now it's Saturday evening and everything is back to normal, normal, normal, normal.....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lazy Weekend

     This past weekend was a 5 day weekend for me and I really didn't do much of anything news worthy.

     On Friday the older boys went to a sleep over, On Saturday the rest of us went to a memorial service, On Sunday we went to my daughter's violin recital, than to McDonalds and than took kids to youth group than let then went to DQ to waste time as it was to cold for the kids to play at the park than picked up kids from youth group and headed home. Monday my wife did some sitting for an older person that had fallen while I took kids to swimming, volleyball and the park.

     Today I finished reading the last of the books I got for Christmas. It was on Christian Apologetics and I was disappointed with it.  The more I read the book the more it seemed like it had Catholic over tones to it.  When I researched the authors on the internet I learned I was right - they're both professors at a Catholic University.  I think they should have read the Bible before they wrote the book.