Sunday, December 28, 2014

The 3 Days of Christmas

     For our family this year we celebrated the three days of Christmas.

     On the first day of Christmas - Dec. 23rd - we took off and went to Brainerd, Mn to celebrate Christmas with my wife's side of the family.  The celebration took place at a motel with a water park which included an indoor/outdoor hot tub.  The wife and kids took several trips to the pool and sometime in there we opened gifts and had snacks.  I received a 32 g flash drive, 5 boxes of Swiss Rolls and an invisible book.

     On the second day of Christmas - Dec 24th - we went shopping for fabric for my daughters wedding, took on Kentucky Fried Chicken - we were going to go in but just as we got there they closed the lobby so we did the drive thru.  We then went to my parents for the evening and again opened presents after having some food.  I received a new shirt and together with my wife we received some new sheets for the bed.

     On the third day of Christmas - Dec 25th - we came home and sometime after supper we again opened presents minus one daughter who was at her fiancee's parent's house.  This time I received candy, underwear, coupons for hugs, a key chain and a coupon for a Veggie Tales movie.

     After all of that I still had three days to recuperate.

Friday, December 5, 2014

What A Day

     Thursday December 4th was a day to remember.

     It started out as a normal Thursday for us as I got up and went to work and later my wife got going giving piano lessons.  Later in the day she was going to head to Bemidji with the youngest three (two were already in Bemidji) for the night and then on to the cities for her aunts funeral service.  But then.... The rear window on the mini van shattered for no apparent reason. - change of plans.  She didn't want to take the bigger van because it doesn't get good gas mileage so she decided to take our daughters car which meant leaving the youngest home but that meant waiting until she got home. Well....

     She was later getting home because she was spending time with her boyfriend who took her for a walk on the ice in the moon light and it was there that he proposed to her and of course she said YES.  With all that excitement and the calling to tell grandparents etc, my wife didn't get out and going until nearly 10:00.  It was after midnight before she arrived in Bemidji.

     Now I can wait for my Family's safe return home and a wedding date.