Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015

     January brought our first significant snow for the winter but....  when I went to fill the snowblower with gas to blow out the yard - the gas ran right straight through and onto the ground.  To make it worse, I didn't catch the leak until I had filled the tank.  I was able to find an older gas can that was small enough to get under the stream of gas but I had to stand in the cold tipping the snowblower just right to get the gas into the can.  I still haven't started the blower.  Between shovels and my future son-in-law's plow, we survived.

     January also brought my wife's piano recital for her students which went over very well.

     January also brought a ski trip for the kids which was fun for them.

     Some where amongst all of this, my wife has been busy sewing for the upcoming wedding in May.   She now has the men's shorts sewn up except for the button holes and button and has started preliminary work on the dresses.

     January also brought a helicopter ride for my wife and 5 year old.  It started on a Sunday afternoon when the kids decided it would be a good day to go sledding at the local sledding hill.  As the youngest was being pulled up the hill after one of the runs to the bottom he was run into by someone going down the hill.  He was hit hard.  My wife decided to take him tot he emergency room at the hospital in Roseau.  After examining him they decided to fly him by Helicopter to Fargo ND for he had a concussion, a couple fractures in the head, some bleeding and a very black eye.  The following day they did release him and I took a trip to Fargo which is about a 5 hour drive one way with the stops  along the way.  I think we faired a little better. I brought an extra driver.

     The end of the same week was not any more fun as I had a trip to Grand Forks for a root canal of a root canal or something like that.

     With all the extra time off my wife has been teasing me for being a bum :)

What will February bring?