Monday, November 9, 2015

October 2015

     The first days of October brought an end to our soccer season.  Starting on the 1st our Junior kids won their game 5-2.  On the 3rd we had our tournament, hosted by Thief River, and, well, we brought the trophy home.  In the first game we 6-4.  We gave up a few extra goals than planned but we were in control the entire game.  IN the second game we played against the harder team and we won the toss and chose to defend against the wind.  I played all my top players in defense and we held the game scoreless in the first half.  In the second half we came out and scored first.  Than the apposing team scored and tied the game before we scored the winning goal.  The one who scored the winning goal not only scored the winning goal but it was his first goal ever.  As a result of the win we decided to go to A&W and get a gallon of root-beer for the ride home which itself provided more excitement.  I thought the adrenaline was running high after the win but missing the deer on the road really got it flowing.  Only by God's grace did we miss hitting three deer in the road.

     October also brought two more trips for work to work on a machine we are getting.  The first of the two trips was October 6th - 8th and the second the 26th - 29th. The new piece of machinery we are getting has to to many things and it is slow going, getting it ready to come to Warroad.  We still have two more trips planned. I'm not sure I can keep handling a bed all to myself and going out to eat for every meal - it makes dieting hard.

     The second Sunday of the month brought a 90 degree day and we had to run the AC.

     During the second week of October I took a trip to Grand Forks to see the urologist.  Nothing to worry about though as it was just a yearly check up and all was good.  I enjoyed the trip as I got to take my wife out for lunch and we didn't do fast food.  We were almost in an accident on the way home bu thankfully someone else was watching this time.

     Our new printer also died during the week and after talking to support from HP they decided to replace the printer since it was still under warranty.  I think it was about a week and the new one arrived and I had us printing again.  We had to send the old one back Fed-X and since my oldest boy had ordered some car parts Fed-x came right to the door and we were able to hand it off.

      On the third weekend My wife took several kids to Bemidji to visit cousins which was a fun thing for them but we also got a call that a deputy sheriff who was my third cousin was shot and killed on duty.  My mom and sister did make it to the funeral in which there were around 2000 officers and over 3000 people in all attending.

     On the fourth weekend of the month we headed to Brainerd to go to my brother-in-law's "celebration of life" gathering in honor of his passing  My sister and her boys seem to be doing alright and are planning to move back to Minnesota.
     On the 26th we celebrated my oldest boy's 20th birthday - well the family did as I was gone on one of the business trips.

     Through all of this my wife has gotten bigger as the baby has continued to grow and I have gotten smaller as I have continued to lose weight and I actually hit my first major goal of losing 30 pounds.  My next goal will be to try and lose another 15 pounds and then just hold it steady.

     Next time I post, I should be posting about the Baby being born