Sunday, November 18, 2012

A little Wet

     I've been working on the floors and the bathroom floor was completed without to much of a problem and I learned a lot along the way.  One of the things I learned was related to the reason the floors were bad in the first place. What I thought was a problem related to water from plumbing turned out to be a problem from moisture from our dryer.  As I was tearing out a section of the bad floor, I started getting blasted with hot moist air.  Apparently the dryer which was vented down through the floor was venting into the space between the floor joist and above the insulation.

     I did get the bathroom floor finished but by the time I got done I was too sore to do anymore that weekend.  The floor itself, while it's not perfect, is done. I had the kids helping me nail down the underlayment and I failed to check to make sure it was all nailed down so we have a bit of a bubble in the floor.

     As for the laundry area floor - slow going is the best way to sum it up. After an area of the floor was cleaned out, I managed to tear up a 4'x4' section with relative ease learning from my experience tearing out the bathroom floor. Once that section was opened up I started to work on stuff that needed to be done with the floor up like the dryer problem. Because of the dryer problem I decided to pick up supplies and put a dryer vent in out through the wall to the back yard.  It's not easy putting a 4" hole through log siding and a floor joist but after many days at picking away at it I managed to get it done.

     Along with the dryer vent I wanted to install a outdoor faucet so I put a hole through the wall and put a frost free faucet in.  That was easy - hooking it up to the water line, well, I got a little wet.........   Turns out the two different size "T"'s i picked up to splice into the water line with are both the wrong size.  We have flexible hose type water lines and the bigger of the t's wouldn't go in to the water line at all and the smaller one was too loose but I had the line cut and for the time being I mad the smaller one sort of work.  I've got it clamped on as tight as I can get it so leakage at the moment is nill or very little but I don't trust it so I'll be looking for another option before I start in on tearing up more floor.

     In the mean time, I did finish tearing out a closet in that area and started to tear out the walls around our hot water heater - I have to drain it, disconnect it and move it to replace the floor under it to - I was going to do all the walls around the water heater but after opening things up I learned that the wall is holding the water heater up as the floor under it is that bad. So that waits as well.

     Hopefully, by Thanksgiving I can have the water problem fixed, and the first 4 feet of  floor in place.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Shampoo Scents

     The other morning my 8 year old daughter climbed up on my lap and I got a whiff of campfire smoke from her hair so we started joking around about different shampoo scents we could come up with and of course CAMPFIRE was the first on the list.  We also came up with BACON, DOG BREATH, NEW CAR INTERIOR, SWEAT, SWEET TART AND PINE SOL.

     So, what kind of shampoo scents can you come up with?

Thursday, November 1, 2012


     Last week, on the 22nd of October, I took a day off from work and went with my wife and another couple to Grand Forks, ND to spend some money.  Me at Menards and her at Sam's Club.  I won but now I have to work - on - the - floors - at home.

     Starting this weekend I'm going to be replacing the floors in the main bathroom and the laundry area.  To do so will mean ripping out the entire floor down to the floor joist. A long the way I'm going to have to rip out some walls and in the laundry area and shut down all the water to the house, so I can work under the water heater and the water softener.  While the floor is all ripped up, and I can get to the plumbing, I'm also going to put in an outdoor faucet so we don't have to run a hose through the house in the summer time when ever we need water outside.

     I must be crazy to take on such a project but it is something that needs to be done as the floors have become unsafe to walk on.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back to Normal?

     Yesterday brought the conclusion to our soccer season with a beautiful day in Karlstad, MN, the host of this years soccer tournament.  Our junior players played hard and won the first game in a 1-0 shut out but must have been tired and lost the next game 0-5.  As it turned out the win was enough to bring about a three way tie and force a shoot out.  unfortunately we lost the shoot out and ended up in third. On our way home we treated the kids to French silk pie - thanks to my oldest daughter and than to DQ for Chicken strip baskets and blizzards.

     With soccer over I can put all my soccer stuff and soccer thoughts away and get back to normal which at our house is still crazy.

Friday, October 5, 2012


     This past week has been a week of opposites. Last weekend we had the air conditioners on trying to cool down the house.  This weekend the ground is covered with snow.  Earlier in the week we were under red flag fire warnings and two days later a winter storm warning.

     As for the fire warnings - there were several fires in northern Minnesota.  One of them happened west of us near Karlstad and brought a postponement of what was to be our last regular season soccer game.  The team was on it's way but the fire decided to burn into town and part of the town was evacuated.  Needless to say, they had more important things to take care of than a soccer game.  Friends of ours in the town lost a building and their neighbor lost their house.

     Another of the fires was south of us and Tuesday night we were able to see the glow of the fire from the end of our driveway.  I heard later that the fire we were able to see had almost been contained before they pulled everyone to the Karlstad fire.

     As for the snow - some areas received up to 14 inches.  We had several at our house and the kids have been having fun making a snow fort.  The snow storm extended our soccer season as well.  Our tournament was to be in Karlstad this Saturday but while the soccer field escaped harm from the fire, it was buried in snow.  On the plus side, I may have my missing players back from their sister's wedding in NY.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Soccer Season

Busy, Busy, Busy!

     It's soccer season and that means we're busy.

     Starting in the middle of August our home school soccer team starts practicing two and three nights a week and than September arrives and we start tossing in a game here and there and some weeks we have soccer going four nights a week.  Add to that a camp out that we host called the Jack Pine Retreat and the beginning of AWANA and trips to the corn maze and, well, we're busy.

     Soccer for us will go till the 9th of October this year. I've been coaching the junior team again this year and I've had 26 kids from 8 to 13.  After 4 regular season games, the juniors have a 3-1 record.  I have two kids on the junior team and I also have two kids on the senior team which has not done as well and has a 0-4 record.  Besides having a winning record, I've been blessed with two helpers that used to play soccer in the league.

     In the weeks to come we have two more regular games and than a tournament where we will play two more games.  After the tournament we have a wrap up where the parents, coaches and some alumni play against the kids.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Corn Ride

     We've been busy @ our house with soccer practice three nights a week but last night we took time off of soccer and spent the evening at the local corn maze.  The kids had fun.  Soon after we arrived the older boys took off for the maze and than the three little girls took off together and later still My wife and I took David but we only got so far as the bridge just a little ways in and that was it.  David had to go up and down the steps over and under the bridge.  Late in the evening I spent time roasting marshmallows to be turned into smores.  We also went on corn rides as one of my daughters accidentally called the hay ride.  The kids also had fun shooting water balloons at targets for a chance to win a prize. Other activities included farm animals, a small right turn only maze, an arrow maze, a rope maze, human fooseball, a hay bail mountain and a hay bail castle.

     Some kids are heading back tonight and others want to go back.  We bought the family season pass so all can go back.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Campin Round 2

     Last weekend we finally made it camping, sort of.  3 of our kids were else where but we made it to the Itasca Family Music Festival On Friday afternoon.  We set up our big tent, the only one we brought, and since I knew from watching the forecast that there was a good chance of strong storms, I put in extra stakes tying down all the strings on the rain fly.  We rolled out the air mattress and discovered we brought the one with the hole in it :(   We then pulled out our sleeping bags and rolled them out.  It was than time to enjoy the grounds.

     We put on our bracelets and the two youngest girls headed to the merry go round.  Once I got David's and my bracelet on, we joined the girls.  Sometime later the train rides started up and we went to get in on those.

     At 5:00 the music got under way and after several groups had played, it was decided to move everything indoors as rain was on the way and rain it did.  It came down so hard that it was drowning out the music. and just when you thought it couldn't rain any harder, it did.

     When all the music was done for the night we headed back to the camp sight not knowing what to expect as my wife thought she had left the window open on the tent and I know that our tent leeks when it rains hard.  The tent was very wet and had caved in due to the wind but the window had been shut and my wife had rolled everything up in the flat mattress so we didn't fare too bad.  We did have a small puddle in the tent and damp floor so all the kids slept n the big van - there was plenty of room.  My wife also ended up sleeping in the seat of the passenger side.  I braved the tent and slept well.

     Saturday the music didn't start until 1:00 so I wondered around with the kids until then.  There were various workshops and local talent groups playing in the morning as well.  Once the music started we were in and out of the big building as rain showers would pop up once and a while.  For supper we decided to go for the roast beef special and it was good.  When all was done for the evening we slept the same way as the night before except a few of us got cold as the temps dipped down into the mid 40's.

     Sunday morning there was an old time gospel hymn sing followed by three or four more groups with a sermon mixed in there.  Eventually we packed up, headed to Grandma's house to collect a child, a dog and a trailer, did some shopping and headed home.

     Did I mention that the van we took was also acting up?  Turns out the coil was bad again.  Now to get ready for next year.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Camping Not To Go

     This past week my wife hit the big 4-0 and one of the things she wanted to fo was go camping around her birthday.  In light of that, I took two days off from work to go camping - we never went.

     Two days before my wife's birthday her brother and his wife brought their fourth little girl into the world.  Why go camping in the heat when you can stay in an air conditioned car and go see a new baby niece.  And that is what we did doing lots of visiting along the way and leaving a child behind at Grandma's for a week.  15 hours of driving later we are home.

     Next week end we will try again to get some camping in at the Family Music Festival down by Itasca State Park where we'll get three days of Christian Bluegrass Music.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's A Small World?

     Let's just say it has continued to be hot here but than it has been hot everywhere.  Even though it has been hot, it hasn't been hot enough yet for our added breaks at work. Anyway this past Thursday I got my glasses and am wearing them on and off to get used to them.  While they haven't said anything yet, I think some of my kids think I look funny wearing them. But heat and glasses don't fit the post's title.

     On Saturday we had a busy day but it was not at home.  We got up early (early for our family) and got on the road for a Baby Birthday Party which is hosted by the midwife who we had for our last three children.  She does this once a year for all the babies she has helped with.  the drive was between 2 1/2 and 3 hours.  It was there I was visiting with another family that our midwife had helped that I discovered (again) how small the world is.  The fellow I was visiting with as it turned out was not only from my hometown but he was a classmate that graduated from Brainerd the same year I did.  While there the kids got to tour the fire hall and our youngest (David) when he saw the lights turn on put his hands over his ears expecting the siren to go.  Later on someone did turn the siren on and even though it was loud, David told my he like that sound.  Before we left each of the kids got to pick a present out of one of two bins and our kids picked a flash light, a mini magna doodle, a screw driver set and two jump ropes.

     Once we left we didn't go home, instead we went to another birthday party. where there was plenty of food grilled of course and time for my wife and several of the kids to jump in a pool. 14 hours later we made it home.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


     Yeah, I know it's been hot around the country and while we have not had the 100+ temps, here in Northern Mn. it's been extremely hot as we are built for the cold, and we could drop the temperature 100 degrees and still be comfortable.

     Since last time I posted We've had the two middle girls spend a week at camp.  For Melissa it was her first time and she loved.  Of course the girls did have to miss out on the 4th of July celebrations - where we went to town before noon because the oldest was scheduled to work at the outdoor pool as a lifeguard, however due to rain and thunderstorms the pool never opened and we sat in the van for over 2 hours waiting for the weather to dry up.  Once it did we were able to get out and enjoy the day with the inflatable "rides" the play ground, some races, a parade, a chili cook off, Dairy Queen and eventually fireworks without mosquitoes.

     This past week I broke down and finally went and had my eyes checked.  It's hard to admit that your eyes aren't what they used to be.  Anyways, the optometrists said my eyes were 20/40 up close and 20/24 at a distance.  So I'll be getting some glasses - mainly for reading and they'll be bifocals on top of it.

     In the mean time we are celebrating my middle boys golden birthday today.  Jason is 14 now and to celebrate he started with a sleepover with 3 extra boys - 2 good friends and their foreign exchange student.  Latter some more friends are suppose to b coming over to help celebrate as well.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebrating, VBS & Walking

     Over the last couple of weeks one might say we've had a crazy schedule at our house.  During the first full week of June several of the kids were participating in a VBS that ran from 9:00 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon M-F.  than last week they went to another that went from 6:00 to 8:30 in the evening M-F.  Toss into this mixture Swimming practice and you may see why it's been a crazy schedule.

     In this same period of time we've also experienced temperatures from the 30's to the 90's.

     In the past couple weeks I've also started to try and exercise a little bit more by walking around the perimeter of the yard while kicking a soccer ball and jogging it once in awhile.  I'm not 100% certain by I think 10 trips around is close to a mile.

     Our family had been invited out to eat and has gone to a graduation celebration where the kids got to play in a big pool.

     As long I'm thinking of celebrations - Personally I've celebrated my 47th birthday, celebrated 20 years of employment where I work (with 3 big cakes) and now Father's day. - Now back to reality.

Friday, June 1, 2012


     This past week I've been diving deeper into getting our document control under control at work.  I think it's getting to me.  Today at work I found more messes, stupid messes, driving me bonkers messes Let's bang my self in the head because it's so frustrating messes which I did only to have some one walk in to my cubical as I was.  I'll be okay..... I don't work the next two days....

     Last Sunday we celebrated Melissa's 8th birthday.  She wanted Dairy Queen  plus a Dairy Queen cake.  That was spend-y.  On Monday I kind of bummed as it was a payed Holiday.  Tuesday I drove our 12 passenger van to work so my wife could use my car. On Thursday we had frost and both Thursday and Friday we had the furnace running in the morning. Thursday also brought the kids to town for track which just encourages kids to run.  My oldest boy did a 100 meter in 12 seconds and I guess it floored my wife to see him do it. Than today (Friday)  I took a trip to get my Drivers License renewed.

     Someday this past week I also got a new book in the mail to add to my collection on apologetics.  "Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds" is the title and I'll get around to reading it eventually.  Currently I'm reading "The Creation Answers Book."

Saturday, May 26, 2012


     I've set myself up for a big pile of work recently and it's driving my eyes crazy.  It all has something to do with document control.  All of the "prints"  charts, job aides, forms, etc in our dept at work are suppose to be controlled in the sense that there is to be documentation in a computer log as to everything on the floor for keeping everything up to date.  What I'm finding is only about 1/4 to 1/5 of our documents have been officially documented and many of the ones that are, are out of date.  For many of the documents I have to track down the prints they are based on and either make new charts or job aides or update the ones we have or..... on and on it goes.  I may be doing this for months to come.

     This past Monday work had me taking a trip to our Grafton plant to check out some systems that will be coming to our plant in the future. to top that off, we worked an entire 40 hour week which we haven't done in months.

     Here at home we are still working on left overs from my daughter's graduation celebration which we held last Saturday with great success even though it was cool and somewhat wet.  Since that time we have also had to recitals to go to for the two oldest boys - one for guitar and one for piano.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Getting Ready

     Tomorrow is the big day so that means we're going to go crazy getting ready for it.  What day is it?  Graduation day for my first child.

     For the past week lots of food has been prepared for the reception following the ceremony and today much of that food has to be brought together to be brought to town tomorrow. Thank tomorrow we have the ceremony, the reception, the company, etc.  To top it off my Graduating Daughter is taking life guard lesson both this morning and in the morning before she graduates.  And let's not forget that while today is to be in the mid 80's, tomorrow is to be in the mid 60's with 60% chance of rain.

     Outside of Graduation my computer went crazy earlier this week and wiped out several programs.  From what I've been able to figure, I made an update and in the process the program erased all older versions of programs and their dependents.  No Data was lost but what a nuisance getting everything back and working.

     At work this past week I've been finding lots of dust.  Something that has been long overdue for an overhaul is our document control log so I've been digging in all the nooks and crannies looking for potential documents that need to be controlled. I've found over 1000 so far but our log only shows a little over 200. I've got my work cut out for me. Hopefully I'll complete the task before I go crazy - Oh, wait, I already am.......  

Friday, May 11, 2012

Something Fishy

     Yesterday after noon my wife left me - taking three kids - to visit her brother and his wife and their three children in the cities and to go to the aquarium at the Mall of America with them for Home-school Days.  I think she may even be doing some last minute shopping for next weeks big party (That's a story that will have to wait.)  In the mean time I'm here with the oldest 3 and the youngest who has been watching the movie Wall-E over and over.  If anything, I'd say that this week my wife is the crazy one

Friday, May 4, 2012

She's 18

     It's been a couple weeks since I last posted but has anything noteworthy happened?

     Last weekend my wife took 3 kids to the Shrine Circus - The kids loved it and talked about how they were spoiled when they got home.  Some days it seems like the circus is in our living room.  The circus wasn't the only reason she went though.  She was shopping at Sam's Club getting ready for an upcoming grad party which is only 2 weeks away.

     On Monday of this week our family got to enjoy a fry bread taco supper as a thank you for all the helpers who partook in this past year's AWANA. While that's not crazy - knowing I now have an adult child is.

     Is it an oxymoron to say such a thing?  18 years ago today my first daughter was born which means today she is an adult.  How does it feel?  I don't know yet.  Early this morning she was taken swimming and out for breakfast.  Than a trip to Thief River to McDonald's for lunch and than shopping at Walmart and than home for a quick bite to eat and birthday cake and than off to Friday night Youth Group.

     Now to clean house and put stuff away.........

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Date

     It happens rarely - very rarely Going on a date with my wife with no kids.  On Friday evening we went to a fund raiser for our local Crisis Pregnancy Center that we support.  We sat with friends and enjoyed music and sweet desserts.  On the way home we stopped and picked up pizza and a chocolate shake.

     Last week at this time my oldest was in Chicago to what is known as Dare To Share - a youth gathering focused on training for evangelism.

     Earlier this week I had a follow up Dr. appointment and all is great.  I also printed out nearly 80 graduation invitations which my wife has been filling out and sending out  In less than a month my first child will be graduating.

     Now for some more of that pizza we brought home.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Travel

     I'll update today since I was gone over the weekend which for me started last Thursday after work with a drive to Bemidji where we stayed at my in-laws.  Sometime that evening I finished my second book I got for Christmas titled "Alien Invasion" by Gary Bates. The book looked at the connection between evolution, UFO's and alien abductions and the Bible and yes there is a connection.

     Saturday morning after we were up and going we headed to Brainerd to visit my folks, help my dad get his boat turned over and the motor on it, chop some firewood for the fish house, update some computer software, pick up a case of thin mint girl scout cookies, take my folks out to eat and visit. After all that we went back to Bemidji.

     Saturday was spent bumming around reading a new book while the kids got to play with their cousins. The kids also put up Grandpa and Grandma's trampoline and of course today it's snowing out.

     Sunday morning we went to church in Bemidji and enjoyed a fellowship / Easter dinner afterwards.  After eating too much it was off to finish packing and than head for home. The drive home was interesting as the wind was blowing 30+ mph and with a 12 passenger van the wind was having fun - I was not.  Along the way we went through an area that looked to have had a major grass fire covering many acres. A stop at McDonald's for supper and soon we were home where bedtime came early for me.

Friday, March 30, 2012


    On March 31st I will be posting the 60th puppet story over on the Pupperville Ponderings blog.  Currently I'm going through a series based on a sermon series I put together years ago entitled "Are Yo Ready To Pray" Some of those messages are somewhere on this blog in more detail than I'm putting on the other blog.

     Last night David (the 2 yr old) slept 13+ hours straight through the night. I wish my other kids could have done that before they turned 3.  The ground outside also did something weird - it turned white.  Actually that should be normal this time of year but we've already had 80 this month.  I suppose I could say we had a short summer  and it's already late November.

Friday, March 23, 2012


     This past week my Dad celebrated his birthday - I think it was number 70 but who's counting. The following day he was in the hospital for a angiogram - test results came back good.

     Today, 3/23/2012 - my oldest daughter passed her road test and is now a licensed driver. - I think I may be getting old.  In about two months she'll be graduating.

     The weather this past week has again been non typical for this time of year with highs at our house nearing 80 degrees again.  As a result, the other day my three youngest daughters were all outside running around in swim suits. - They're the crazy ones this week.

     David - the two year old - has started going potty on the potty chair - I wonder if it will last.

     Two weeks ago I got my meds for my thyroid changed slightly and this week I'm really noticing the effects and the change is working.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Crazy Weather

     It's the middle of March and technically it is still winter but this crazy weather is not agreeing.  Today at our house the temps reached 74F.  The old record high was in the upper 50's. Tomorrow is suppose to be even warmer. The snow will soon be gone from the yard as a result.

     Nothing else crazy has been happening.  Work has slowed down and some days its the meeting that keep me going except they keep getting postponed.  With the slow down we did not work Friday this week so I have spent the day lounging around in pajamas.

Friday, March 9, 2012


     I see I haven't updated for awhile.

     Last weekend our Family headed South for the Bemidji Winter Retreat and believe it or not we got some winter. Temps well below zero Fahrenheit and a thin layer of snow (enough to give us problems going up the hill to my in-laws. I actually had to back our van down hill,around two corners in the dark to get to the house another way)

     The weekend went well otherwise and we had a great time with some good food and messages. Returning home we found we had brought back more than we expected in the form of sickness.  We've had kids sick with fevers and even I got it this time but it didn't keep me from work even though my wife thought I should have stayed home in bed.

     I also found out that I'm going to be an uncle again.

     On Wednesday I had another Doctor visit to try and figure out why I haven't been feeling quite right.  My symptoms started sporadicly at the end of January / beginning of February and have slowly gotten worse.  With a little bit of research and a talk with the doc we think the vary thing that caused my problems several years ago is causing the problems again - my thyroid.  In the past it was Hypo or under active. Now it seems to be acting so we are working on cutting down my medication.  Along the way I've skipped taking the medication a couple times and seen improvements. In about 6 weeks I get to have a follow up to see how things are progressing.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Driving On Ice

     Winter finally arrived, at least the snow did.  I think we got more snow this past week than we have had all winter and of all days to not travel, I had to take a trip to Grand Forks to see an urologist. The drive was quite interesting as we were driving at the tail end of the snow While the snow fall and blowing snow were not bad, at times I only dared to go 30 mph as the roads were all ice.

     The visit with the urologist on my kidney stones was sort of a waste.  He told me I have one a centimeter in size and he thought we should do nothing with it as he didn't think it was going to move and I should just drink lemonade. In the mean time I still have to feel that it's there.

     On the plus side I got nearly 8 hours with my wife with out kids and we even got some shopping done and I got her, her first shamrock shake of the year and she didn't have to share it.

     Now I need to get my snow blower ready for we have two more potential snow storms coming our way.  The snow we got the other day, well, someone came and plowed us out and we have no idea who.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Stones and Overtime

     This past Monday I went to the hospital - to get a test done - an ultra sound on my kidneys and surrounding area and now I know what my wife went through getting an ultrasound on baby years ago.

     The results came back and now I get to go see an urologist in Grand Forks for I have issues with kidney stones - supposedly on both sides.  I don't know any more than that but I've suspected the one I had passing last summer never fully exited and has been lying dormant not blocking any thing.  I should know more next week - crazy things

     In the mean time I'm working overtime.  That's right - it's winter, we're on 32 hours weeks because it's suppose to be slow and may still be but we are so busy at the moment that we are doing overtime this week and next week trying to get caught up. In nearly 20 years, I've never had overtime in February.

Friday, February 10, 2012


     Some may find a person who goes and gets a physical crazy and if you do than I'm crazy for this past week I purposely went to the Dr. and had a physical.  Of course we all like to be poked and prodded - well, not really. And let's not forget the two tries to get blood out of my arm.  Should have results from that next week.

     The youngest 4 kids went to a Valentines party and came home with more than they went - that always seems to happen.

     Last weekend when we went to Bemidji to get one of our kids from Grandma's my wife dropped off many bags of clothes at a second hand place, came home and had about three times as much given back to her.

     Now for hamburgers on the grill and than getting rid of a couple boys for a sleep over.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Crazy Hair

     This past week was Crazy Hair night at Awana and it was crazy in more than just hair.  Since it was crazy hair night and I don't have a lot of hair on top of my head, I let my daughter fill my beard with berets and I got  a lot of laughs as a result but I had even more laughs later.

     Because of the flu, our main leader was not able to be their which means the game leader has to take over opening ceremonies - he was late and since I'm the back-up game leader it fell on me so I got things rolling. and latter due to our story teller being on vacation I did the story with the use of my puppets and their crazy hair and the kids loved it.

     Another reason for the night being so crazy is where we were doing things.  While we started in the normal location, we had to move half way across the school for our game time because another group was taking over the gyms we are normally in and than after game time we went to another area for story time.  It was a crazy night but we survived.

     Other than Awana the week was typical - I guess we did have a sick little girl for awhile but you wouldn't know it now.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm Not That Crazy

     On Friday I drove the family to Buena Vista for their yearly ski trip.  My wife had planed to get on the road about 6:30 but it was after 7:00 before we left and than before we were even a mile from the house we had to turn around because of forgotten items.  The drive itself started out great but turned nasty about half way there.  With a windshield wiper that didn't want to work correctly, heavy snow coming down and unplowed roads, I was down to35 mph but we arrived safely at the slopes and about an hour later the snow quit and the sun came out.

     At the slopes, I stayed indoors and took care of the 2 year old as I'm not crazy enough to ski - I prefer to keep my limbs in one unbroken. The other six kids had a great time skiing and snow boarding.  At one point I did have to have my wife help change a messy diaper.  It wasn't because I was unable but it was so bad it was a two person job and it was smelling up the entire third floor of the chalet.

     After a quick stop at Grandma and Grandpas afterwards for some mashed potatoes and gravy and to drop the oldest off for a few days we hit the road for home. A stop at McDonalds on the way through Baudette gave us a chance to stretch and we were given some pies  and than we were soon home only to find it had not snowed.

     Besides the ski trip the week was busy including my wife's trip to Thief River Falls for a dentist appointment and shopping, A trip to Roseau for my Daughter's senior pictures. take a picture with Sparky night at Awana, staying late at work to do some training and my wife's trip to the side walk banging up her knee.

I wonder what next week will bring?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Rain or Snow or Both

     This last week I got to watch it rain while it was snowing.  On Wednesday I brought a group of people from the department at work down to the test chambers to watch a water test which is the equivalent of rain hitting a window at 45 mile an hour to see if it leaks. (Sounds like I may get to watch these test every month now) In the meantime it was snowing outside as winter finally arrived. 

     This past week has also been a week of cold as temps reached over 20 below zero several times.  The cold even brought the cancellation of our kids ski trip.  I think they'll try again next week when it should be in the 20's above zero.  When we go to the ski trip I usually sit in the lodge with the little ones and leave the crazy stuff (putting on skis and going down the hill) to my wife and kids.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Tenting, Testing, Tripping and Books

     Last night it was 5 below zero, last night 2 of my girls slept in a tent - in the living room. Beyond that not too many crazy things happened this week around our house hold.

     The kids have been busy doing their CAT tests and the oldest got started on her college classes she's taking on-line.

     On Wednesday I was part of a group from my department at work that took a trip to our Grafton plant for a tour. It was an interesting trip and I decided to sit in the back of the big van to see what it was like since my kids always sit in the back of our big van.  Because of the trip I think I was on the clock for almost 12 hours.  It was a long day and when I got home I turned around and went back to town to guard  a hot tub - from within it.  It was swim night for the Awana club of which I'm one of the leaders and the kids are not allowed in the hot tub but of course that's where they all want to go.

     The last of my books that I ordered with the gift cards I got for Christmas arrived this week.  The books - 8 in total - all revolve around apologetics in some way.  The books I got include
  • The Creation Answers Book
  • Alien Intrusion
  • Darwin's Demise
  • Refuting Compromise
  • Evolution Exposed
  • Icons of Evolution
  • If God, Why Evil?
  • The 10 Most Important Things You Can Say to a Mormon
     I should have plenty to read for awhile.  I still have more books I want but they'll have to wait.

Friday, January 6, 2012

First week 2012

     Have you kept your New Year's Resolutions?  I haven't set mine yet so I haven't been able to break them.

     I survived my first week of work for 2012 with my new job.  The week was only suppose to be Tuesday to Thursday because Monday was a holiday and we are on 4 day weeks but we were so busy that our dept worked Friday to try and catch up.  Anyway - Tuesday I got myself set up on the computer at the desk I know have and on Thursday I had to do it again as the computer department came out and reset the computer to my name.  I also had a phone set up which would hang up as soon as you answered it or if you tried to make a call it would hang up before you could finish dialing. - over all - a good week.

     The kids spent time outside building a snow fort with what little snow we have as temps sored into the 40's above zero - it should be 40 below zero this time of year.