Friday, February 24, 2012

Driving On Ice

     Winter finally arrived, at least the snow did.  I think we got more snow this past week than we have had all winter and of all days to not travel, I had to take a trip to Grand Forks to see an urologist. The drive was quite interesting as we were driving at the tail end of the snow While the snow fall and blowing snow were not bad, at times I only dared to go 30 mph as the roads were all ice.

     The visit with the urologist on my kidney stones was sort of a waste.  He told me I have one a centimeter in size and he thought we should do nothing with it as he didn't think it was going to move and I should just drink lemonade. In the mean time I still have to feel that it's there.

     On the plus side I got nearly 8 hours with my wife with out kids and we even got some shopping done and I got her, her first shamrock shake of the year and she didn't have to share it.

     Now I need to get my snow blower ready for we have two more potential snow storms coming our way.  The snow we got the other day, well, someone came and plowed us out and we have no idea who.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Stones and Overtime

     This past Monday I went to the hospital - to get a test done - an ultra sound on my kidneys and surrounding area and now I know what my wife went through getting an ultrasound on baby years ago.

     The results came back and now I get to go see an urologist in Grand Forks for I have issues with kidney stones - supposedly on both sides.  I don't know any more than that but I've suspected the one I had passing last summer never fully exited and has been lying dormant not blocking any thing.  I should know more next week - crazy things

     In the mean time I'm working overtime.  That's right - it's winter, we're on 32 hours weeks because it's suppose to be slow and may still be but we are so busy at the moment that we are doing overtime this week and next week trying to get caught up. In nearly 20 years, I've never had overtime in February.

Friday, February 10, 2012


     Some may find a person who goes and gets a physical crazy and if you do than I'm crazy for this past week I purposely went to the Dr. and had a physical.  Of course we all like to be poked and prodded - well, not really. And let's not forget the two tries to get blood out of my arm.  Should have results from that next week.

     The youngest 4 kids went to a Valentines party and came home with more than they went - that always seems to happen.

     Last weekend when we went to Bemidji to get one of our kids from Grandma's my wife dropped off many bags of clothes at a second hand place, came home and had about three times as much given back to her.

     Now for hamburgers on the grill and than getting rid of a couple boys for a sleep over.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Crazy Hair

     This past week was Crazy Hair night at Awana and it was crazy in more than just hair.  Since it was crazy hair night and I don't have a lot of hair on top of my head, I let my daughter fill my beard with berets and I got  a lot of laughs as a result but I had even more laughs later.

     Because of the flu, our main leader was not able to be their which means the game leader has to take over opening ceremonies - he was late and since I'm the back-up game leader it fell on me so I got things rolling. and latter due to our story teller being on vacation I did the story with the use of my puppets and their crazy hair and the kids loved it.

     Another reason for the night being so crazy is where we were doing things.  While we started in the normal location, we had to move half way across the school for our game time because another group was taking over the gyms we are normally in and than after game time we went to another area for story time.  It was a crazy night but we survived.

     Other than Awana the week was typical - I guess we did have a sick little girl for awhile but you wouldn't know it now.