Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July 2015

     July started with the installation of our new printer. and it was followed by lots and lots of walking for the walk around the world challenge from work.  On my best day I topped 15 miles and our team came in 8th over all for our plant.  I saw many interesting things along my walks and met new neighbors as well.

     Of course, July means we celebrate the fourth of July and this year we did so with my folks who came up from Brainerd.  We had a great time and when it came time for the fireworks, God provided some of his own.  The rain came down so hard at time I could hardly see the road on the drive home.

     On the 7th of July several of the kids went to Bemidji for a swim meet and brought home several ribbons.  The seventeen year old boy, Jason, impressed the Bemidji coach and I've heard the Warroad coach wants to get him on a neighboring town's boy's team if possible.

    The second weekend of the month found us in Brainerd for a 60th anniversary of the church I grew up attending and where my dad was a founding member.  It was a great time with many great messages on the will of God.  That same weekend I felt the baby move for the first time.

     After returning home, a couple days later Shelly had to take the youngest to the cities for a follow up appointment, however, less then ten miles down the road a call came in canceling the appointment.  Thankfully someone was still home to get the message and stop her from driving all the way to the cities.

     That same week the 17 year old turned 17, the youngest lost his second tooth (of course dad had to fork over some money for that) and several of the kids went with my wife to a Baby Birthday Party hosted by our midwife, which she holds each year for all the babies she has helped with.

     July also means its time to go picking blueberries and on two different days I took kids out looking and found very little.  While conditions seemed great for a good year, a late frost killed off our chances for berries.

     And that's not all.  We also received a second piano - which needs tuning - celebrated my wifes birthday - I won't say how old she is - sent girls off to another bible camp, went to a going away party for friends, had a couple of soccer meetings and I can't wit till school starts so things will slow down....