Saturday, February 13, 2016

January 2016

     On the first day of the new year, the Christmas tree came down so we could get ready to celebrate a birthday and on the second day of the month we celebrated that birthday as Emily turned 14.  along with the celebration, I took the plunge and ordered a cell phone for myself through Cricket.

     By the 6th of January I had my new phone and was working at getting it set up.  By month's end I would have My oldest boy's phone switched to my plan saving him around 15 dollars a month and I would have my wife switched over as well with a new phone for her.

     On the 8th Shelly took a trip to Bemidji to celebrate her mom's birthday and when they returned Emily got ready to go with her big sister and brother - in - law skiing at Giants Ridge.

     Sometime during the month it was decided to remodel the bedroom that the boys had and we toe off all the old Sheetrock and tore out the old closet. and a trip to Menards scored almost 900 pounds of new sheet rock.  This trip was taken on another ski trip.

     The home school ski trip this year was a beautiful day and 5 kids and 1 wife hit the slopes while I remained a designated driver.  They tried to talk me into skiing too but I didn't want to go home by way of ambulance.

     During the last full week of January I spent some long days at work putting in 43 hours in 4 days including a 14 hour day as we set up and calibrated a new piece of equipment at work.  As a result of the long days I got and extra day off from work I was able to use around the house.

     Towards the end of the month we filed our taxes and Shelly did house / dog sitting in town for a friend.

December 2015

     On the first day of December, something was up - Shelly's plug started to pass and contractions started to pick up.  I went to work on the 2nd but came home early for what become a very long and sorrowful weekend.

     For whatever reason, the baby had apparently flipped and was in the breach position and before the midwife and arrived a foot popped out.  A few minutes later, she did arrive and it took all her effort to get the baby out for he was stuck.  The extra time was too much and baby came out limp and CPR was started immediately.  Soon, baby and I were being escorted to the Roseau hospital at 80 MPH. I learned to text on the trip ( using my wife's phone as I did not own one) - mostly to ask for prayer support and keep family at home updated. 

     When we arrived at hospital the hear rate was stabilized and baby started to do some breathing and the decision was made to go to the Childrens hospital in Minneapolis - by way of jet - after the neonatal team arrived and prepped the baby and we were taken back to Warroad's airport.

     After arriving in the cities, the team at the hospital continued to work on the baby - which we named Nathan - putting him in a cooling process.  Sometime in the wee hours of the morning I was given a place to sleep in a Ronald McDonald House - I spent three nights there.

     On Thursday morning Shelly's family came to visit - her sister only had to walk across the street as she was working in The ER next door - and her brother's family was only 20 minutes away.  As the day progressed, plans were made to get the rest of the family down but Nathan did not progress and we were told that there was basically no hope.

     On Friday morning, after a visit from the neurologist, it was decided to end the cool down and most of the day was spent getting pictures with all the family that was there and saying good bye.  After everyone left the final phase was completed of pulling Nathan off of the respirator. I held him while he breathed his last, it was less the 20 minutes.  Later, after a few more visits a nurse helped Shelly get pieces of his hair, and they took foot and hand prints and made an impression of his foot.

     That night Shelly and I stayed in the Ronald house together. I remember crying hard after receiving a poem from a friend which we now have hanging on the wall.

     On Saturday we started our way home.  Shelly and I spent the night in Brainerd with my folks while the kids went to Bemidji where we met with them at church the next morning.

      Over the course of the following week, I worked half days at work and spent the rest of the day with family.  We had many visitors over that time and received many meals and cards.  It was also decided to bury Nathan in Roosevelt and hold a memorial service for him in February.  I hope to be able to post the message and pictures from the service soon.

      The next big event took place on the 18th when some friends took us out to eat for our anniversaries.  Ours was the 19th of December and theirs was the 18th.  Also on the 18th was our annual meeting at work and all the kids went to get donuts and pop.

     For our 23rd anniversary - we didn't do much - mostly running kids around and a little Christmas shopping.

     For Christmas we went to Bemidji with Shelly's side of the family for three nights and then went to Brainerd to my side of the family for two nights before returning home. Then, on New Years Eve we celebrated Christmas at home.  I would say I was spoiled for Christmas and I am greatly blessed.