Saturday, December 19, 2015

November 2015

     November became the month of waiting but that is not all that took place.

     During the month of November my oldest boy decided to move out.  He is living with a group of other boys at a guys house a few miles away.  The guy is single and has had many boys stay at his place over the years and he also holds a boys Bible study on Saturday nights.  We've known many of the boys who have lived there over the years.  This is kind of a stepping stone between moving out and being fully on ones own.

     November also brought some strange weather - like 60 degree weather which is not normal this far north in November.  It was followed by 2 inches of rain and then a quick freeze creating a large skating rink in our front yard and the kids had a lot of fun strapping on ice skates and skating around on it.

     Around the middle of the month we got some fire wood cut and stacked so we can have some fun fires int he fireplace and got the snowblower running.  I also took off on another business trip.

     For Thanksgiving, we stayed home to celebrate and then the next day we went to Bemidji to do some shopping on Black Friday.  It was an enjoyable day with family and got some of our Christmas shopping done a long with stocking up on some needed house hold supples.

     On the last weekend of the month we put up the Christmas tree and finally ordered my oldest son's graduation gift - a big tool set

     On the last day of the month it looked like the waiting for baby to arrive may finally becoming to an end as my wife said she had one long uncomfortable contraction which brought us into December and a time of sweet sorrow as we did have our baby but he didn't survive.  More on that to come.