Sunday, April 27, 2008

Snow One To Blame

This morning we stayed home from church as did everyone else. The reason? we're all snowed in. The blame for all this snow - 9 inches worth - has been put on various family members. I've been blamed because I didn't tell the kids to pick up the yard. When I tell them to, the snow misses us. My wife has been blamed because she organized the mittens and tried to set up a racking party for today. I suppose we could also blame my daughter for planning a party for Sat.
With my snowblower down we've been slowly shoveling the driveway even though there is a chance someone may come and plow us out. Even if that happens, the road we live on is still buried. Once it gets plowed - hopefully it will - than we should be able to make it to the highway and to town.

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Minkydo said...

You must have gotten more snow than we did. Ours is almost gone. Hope you had a good day relaxing at home :)