Monday, August 11, 2008

Noah's Ark - Suess Style

In a faraway land a long time ago
Noah the dude was a man on the go.
A nice little wife and three little boys
Who always took care of their God-given toys
When the boys grew old, they found them good wives
But on to the story, enough of their lives

The earth was wicked and wild and wrong
Not even a good praise-worthy song.
One day the Good Lord, Himself came down
Searching high, searching low, he searched all around
Looking for someone with which to find favor
He saw good old Noah who never did waiver.

I have some bad news for all of mankind
I am sending a flood to destroy all that I find.
So go build an ark, I have found favor with you
Along with your wife and your sons’ wives too.
You’ll fill the big boat with creatures galore
Creating a story going down in folk lore.

So two by two they started to come
Starting with animals that looked kind of dumb.
First to come in was a pink footed elegunt
Followed by a ribbed footed crinkle glunt
Than came a woosel in the color of orange
Who tripped on a small tiny creepy florange

What kind of creatures are these? Noah asked
As a blue striped webra slowly marched past
What’s going on? Noah’s wife asked with a fuss
As on marched a pair of green leffalupatus
Than green and white bibble birds flittered on in
And next slithered in a salamasin

All of theses animals and such a big boat
Everyone wondered if this thing would float.
Noah had faith in what the Lord said,
And no one was thinking of ending up dead.
“Watch your head,” shouted Noah out loud
To a giraffiga with his head in a cloud

Noah’s son came in running, shouting about
He had just seen a hungry tigerdelout..
It was chasing a helpless bit of a kanga-karouse,
A cross between a kangaroo and a mouse,
Who was chasing a baby platamaroo
It must have escaped from Dr. Suess’ zoo.
I wrote this years ago for Bible camp. It's a twist on Noah's ark that we used at a Bible camp

Dr. Suess’ Zoo is that where these came from?
Is that a great big red tuma tum tum?
A bugamaboo a freckled treetus
How will we fit in that Zathering Zuss?
“All aboard,” said the Lord. “It’s time to shut the door.
We’ve got all the animals and room for no more.”

For forty long nights it rained wogs and zats
And on the ark went to Mount Ararat.
And so they survived this horrid ordeal
With all of those creatures like the alligerneal.
This story’s almost done we need a bow in the sky
A platapatomus and a great big good bye.

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