Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The last 24 hours have been very interesting. Yesterday afternoon we went to Thief River for a couple of soccer games. The junior team (of which I am coaching) lost 1 - 2 in very good game - it seemed like my entire offense was getting shots on goal. In the second game the seniors won 5 - 2. With the games done we headed for McDonald's for my favorite sandwich - the McRib. Than on the way home about a half hour from Thief River we opened up deer season. A young doe ran out in front of us. Even though I put the brakes on as soon as I saw her come out of the ditch, she still took out the grill, the passenger side headlight, and the radiator. It may have also sprung the hood as it popped open and than shut. It didn't set off the air bags however as I had slowed down enough before impact. With the radiator damaged and loosing all the antifreeze, we were unable to drive it home. A fellow half a mile from where we had hit the deer saw are hazard lights and came to investigate. He ended up towing our van too his place, and than loanded us his big car (that he doesn't hardly use) to get home in. It was very late by the time we got home. This morning we were able to borrow a suburban with a big trailor (used for hauling some kind of race car on) to go back town to our van, load it up, drop of the loaner car and come home. We took back roads coming home and tomorrow the body shop man will be coming over to look at it. Here is a pictrue of the damage.

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jessicalolene said...

McRibs are still you favorite sandwhich, huh?