Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thru The Bible

I'm curious as to what kind of reading plan if any, my readers might have for reading thru the Bible in 2009. In 2007 I did just the N.T which turned out to be one chapter a day when read Monday thru Friday. Through this past year I've been focused on the books of poetry and for 2009 I have not yet decided.

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Jonathan ( RockrDude ) said...

Mike, My favorite Bible reading plan, and the one that had the biggest impact on my life ever, was when I read the Bible in its entirely in a year chronologically.

It really made a HUGE difference in my walk with the Lord as when I read how everything played out in order, it gave me a much clearer picture of God, His love for us, and His plans for His children.

Here's a link to the reading guide I used:,com_guides/category,12/

I might seriously do this one again in 2009.

I hope you are well, and happy belated anniversary to you and Shelly!