Friday, April 29, 2011

A box and A present

     The other day the little girls were playing with a bigger box that we had got with the purchase of a new medicine cabinet for one of the bathrooms.  The girls kept having fun getting inside the box and pretending they were a present for me. With a little bit of help they had someone make a tag that said to "Michael Trott"  I took out my name tag and said my tag says I'm "Mike Trott" so this present must belong to someone else.  They than had the tag re-made to say "Mike Trott" so I pulled out my drivers license and claimed it said I was "Michael Trott," so this present must be for someone else. This time they wrote the tag to say to the "Best Dad in the world" so I looked at it and hollered "Grandpa! I have a present for you." Not to give up they wrote the tag to the "Craziest Dad in the world."  I had to open the present than...Now I'm thinking about renaming this blog "The Craziest Dad."

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