Sunday, August 7, 2011


     This past weekend, Aug. 5-7 was the Lake Itasca family Music Festival at the Pioneer farms just North of Itasca State Park.

     We started our trip to the festival Friday morning, leaving the house before 7 stopping for some shopping at Walmart along the way to do some shopping and get some last minute groceries.  From there we headed off to Grandma's house to drop off the dog and than to the camping area to set up camp.

     We arrived around noon, quickly set up camp and than tried to stay cool.the rest of the afternoon.  During that time we some of us wondered the grounds, and played at the "park" area which included three slides some swings, a sandbox and a merry-go-round which was the big hit.

     Around 4:30 or so the sky started to turn black and about 5:00 as the music was to get under way - the storm passed us by.  The wind picked up and the temps dropped about 10 degrees but the rain went else where - nearly 2 inches worth. The rest of the evening was spent trying to listen to music.  I say trying because two little kids kept us very busy - they didn't want to sit and listen.  At one point I took of with kids for a walk and found the miniature trains running and we were able to get rides - several of them.  Kids also took rides the next two days as well.

     Once the music was done for the evening I headed to bed - everyone else in the family had already headed back to the tents, - only to find that our air mattresses had loss most of their air. Sleep was not very comfortable that night. - nor the next night as they lost their air again.

     Saturday morning was filled with workshops, cooler temps and light rain showers. Thankfully the rain was light and didn't hamper the events much. In the afternoon the music started up again and went on till10:00 PM or so.  For supper we took up the $25 limit per family special on roast beef sandwiches with mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans. Aaron and one of his friends took a bike trip into the park and did some kayaking in the evening as well.

     Sunday morning started with a hymn sing, a group, a message by one of the groups and than two more groups to end the festival.  We had most all packed by the time things started and Shelly and several kids visited the beach at Itasca for awhile after the hymn sing.  When all was done we ate lunch, finished packing and headed back to grandma's to get the dog and than fill up with gas and head home in time for the oldest two to leave for youth group.

     Now for a shower and bed and we'll leave the unloading for Monday when the bugs aren't so bad.

     Next years festival is Aug 3-5 - Don't miss it

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