Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Travel

     I'll update today since I was gone over the weekend which for me started last Thursday after work with a drive to Bemidji where we stayed at my in-laws.  Sometime that evening I finished my second book I got for Christmas titled "Alien Invasion" by Gary Bates. The book looked at the connection between evolution, UFO's and alien abductions and the Bible and yes there is a connection.

     Saturday morning after we were up and going we headed to Brainerd to visit my folks, help my dad get his boat turned over and the motor on it, chop some firewood for the fish house, update some computer software, pick up a case of thin mint girl scout cookies, take my folks out to eat and visit. After all that we went back to Bemidji.

     Saturday was spent bumming around reading a new book while the kids got to play with their cousins. The kids also put up Grandpa and Grandma's trampoline and of course today it's snowing out.

     Sunday morning we went to church in Bemidji and enjoyed a fellowship / Easter dinner afterwards.  After eating too much it was off to finish packing and than head for home. The drive home was interesting as the wind was blowing 30+ mph and with a 12 passenger van the wind was having fun - I was not.  Along the way we went through an area that looked to have had a major grass fire covering many acres. A stop at McDonald's for supper and soon we were home where bedtime came early for me.

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