Saturday, August 11, 2012

Campin Round 2

     Last weekend we finally made it camping, sort of.  3 of our kids were else where but we made it to the Itasca Family Music Festival On Friday afternoon.  We set up our big tent, the only one we brought, and since I knew from watching the forecast that there was a good chance of strong storms, I put in extra stakes tying down all the strings on the rain fly.  We rolled out the air mattress and discovered we brought the one with the hole in it :(   We then pulled out our sleeping bags and rolled them out.  It was than time to enjoy the grounds.

     We put on our bracelets and the two youngest girls headed to the merry go round.  Once I got David's and my bracelet on, we joined the girls.  Sometime later the train rides started up and we went to get in on those.

     At 5:00 the music got under way and after several groups had played, it was decided to move everything indoors as rain was on the way and rain it did.  It came down so hard that it was drowning out the music. and just when you thought it couldn't rain any harder, it did.

     When all the music was done for the night we headed back to the camp sight not knowing what to expect as my wife thought she had left the window open on the tent and I know that our tent leeks when it rains hard.  The tent was very wet and had caved in due to the wind but the window had been shut and my wife had rolled everything up in the flat mattress so we didn't fare too bad.  We did have a small puddle in the tent and damp floor so all the kids slept n the big van - there was plenty of room.  My wife also ended up sleeping in the seat of the passenger side.  I braved the tent and slept well.

     Saturday the music didn't start until 1:00 so I wondered around with the kids until then.  There were various workshops and local talent groups playing in the morning as well.  Once the music started we were in and out of the big building as rain showers would pop up once and a while.  For supper we decided to go for the roast beef special and it was good.  When all was done for the evening we slept the same way as the night before except a few of us got cold as the temps dipped down into the mid 40's.

     Sunday morning there was an old time gospel hymn sing followed by three or four more groups with a sermon mixed in there.  Eventually we packed up, headed to Grandma's house to collect a child, a dog and a trailer, did some shopping and headed home.

     Did I mention that the van we took was also acting up?  Turns out the coil was bad again.  Now to get ready for next year.

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