Saturday, September 22, 2012

Soccer Season

Busy, Busy, Busy!

     It's soccer season and that means we're busy.

     Starting in the middle of August our home school soccer team starts practicing two and three nights a week and than September arrives and we start tossing in a game here and there and some weeks we have soccer going four nights a week.  Add to that a camp out that we host called the Jack Pine Retreat and the beginning of AWANA and trips to the corn maze and, well, we're busy.

     Soccer for us will go till the 9th of October this year. I've been coaching the junior team again this year and I've had 26 kids from 8 to 13.  After 4 regular season games, the juniors have a 3-1 record.  I have two kids on the junior team and I also have two kids on the senior team which has not done as well and has a 0-4 record.  Besides having a winning record, I've been blessed with two helpers that used to play soccer in the league.

     In the weeks to come we have two more regular games and than a tournament where we will play two more games.  After the tournament we have a wrap up where the parents, coaches and some alumni play against the kids.

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