Friday, July 4, 2014


     This past week made for an interesting week.  On Sunday we had been experiencing some strong winds and in town at the land we take care of there was a large twin tree that the wind decided to take down.  We got the call that it went down after I had crawled in bed.

     After making a couple phone calls we got a hold of someone with a chain saw to meet us at the tree.  One half of the large tree went down across the alley.  After some time we got the alley opened up.  Then it was the other half of the tree on the neighbors shed to worry about.  After a lot more cutting, a lot of the weight had been taken off the roof but we couldn't get it down.  And all of this while it was raining.  It was after midnight by the time we got home and into bed - again.

     On Monday we hoped to get it off the shed but things didn't work out but Tuesday morning we had a tree service finish taking it to the ground. and then the job of cleaning it up started.  We have two different friends who are taking wood for the tree, which is a help and we have made several trips with the trailer hauling brush to our house but there is still plenty there.

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