Saturday, September 5, 2015

August 2015

     The month started with a trip to town to the pool in which I took the kids so my wife could stay home alone and rest.  What does she do but decide to load the riding lawn mower up on the trailer and go mowing resulting in popping her back out of place and a trip to the chiropracter.
    The start of the month also brought the start of school for our kids.  As we home school we can start early and we can take days off when we need to and since we often loose many days to soccer, we start early.  And yes soccer started as well but that was toward the middle of the month but before that.... we had a 3 1/2 inch rain fall and then...

     On the first full weekend of the month we enjoyed the Family Music Festival just outside of Itasca state park.  It was a great time of music and train rides for the kids.  I took off on Friday morning with 4 of the kids and my wife brought another the following morning as the last child was at a birthday party and didn't get home until after midnight.  While there the kids even got to meet up with their cousins from the cities and had a blast playing with them.  My wife also met up with our midwife at the festival - had her check up in the tent - and we got to hear the babies heart beat for the first time.

     Following our return home came the start of soccer.  While the younger kids attended a soccer camp the older ones started practice for our home school soccer team. The following week the younger kids also started practice for our home school soccer team for which I am the head coach.  Soccer will continue into October.

     On the second Friday of the month I changed out some seals on our water softener for my wife.  I asked her if I needed to turn on the bypass before I opened things up and she said i didn't because the repair man never did - I got a shower - it did need to be turned on.

     The last half of the month was pretty much routine with not much happening other than the local corn maze opening up and spending time there.  I have been there every year it has been open and I still have not gone through the maze.  I go to visit.  This years theme is dinosaurs.

    Well, that's it, now to see what September holds.

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