Saturday, February 13, 2016

January 2016

     On the first day of the new year, the Christmas tree came down so we could get ready to celebrate a birthday and on the second day of the month we celebrated that birthday as Emily turned 14.  along with the celebration, I took the plunge and ordered a cell phone for myself through Cricket.

     By the 6th of January I had my new phone and was working at getting it set up.  By month's end I would have My oldest boy's phone switched to my plan saving him around 15 dollars a month and I would have my wife switched over as well with a new phone for her.

     On the 8th Shelly took a trip to Bemidji to celebrate her mom's birthday and when they returned Emily got ready to go with her big sister and brother - in - law skiing at Giants Ridge.

     Sometime during the month it was decided to remodel the bedroom that the boys had and we toe off all the old Sheetrock and tore out the old closet. and a trip to Menards scored almost 900 pounds of new sheet rock.  This trip was taken on another ski trip.

     The home school ski trip this year was a beautiful day and 5 kids and 1 wife hit the slopes while I remained a designated driver.  They tried to talk me into skiing too but I didn't want to go home by way of ambulance.

     During the last full week of January I spent some long days at work putting in 43 hours in 4 days including a 14 hour day as we set up and calibrated a new piece of equipment at work.  As a result of the long days I got and extra day off from work I was able to use around the house.

     Towards the end of the month we filed our taxes and Shelly did house / dog sitting in town for a friend.

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