Monday, February 28, 2011

A Mixed Day

     On Sunday we celebrated Laura's 4th birthday with cake, ice cream and princess type presents including Disney's Princess and the Frog and the My Little Ponies - Princess Promenade which of course had to be watched.

     Later in the day the older kids had youth group which included making pizza's - what a thing for teenagers - we made our own while they were gone.

     That was the bright side.

      Early in the morning my Mom called crying - they were calling family together because they didn't expect her dad (my grandpa and last living grand parent) to make it through the day.  In the evening we got the call that he had passed on. Later in the week we will be heading back home for the service which is tentatively being planed for Saturday.

      We could use prayers for safety in traveling for Family and Friends and especially for my Mom, her sister and her brother.

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