Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lazy Weekend

     This past weekend was a 5 day weekend for me and I really didn't do much of anything news worthy.

     On Friday the older boys went to a sleep over, On Saturday the rest of us went to a memorial service, On Sunday we went to my daughter's violin recital, than to McDonalds and than took kids to youth group than let then went to DQ to waste time as it was to cold for the kids to play at the park than picked up kids from youth group and headed home. Monday my wife did some sitting for an older person that had fallen while I took kids to swimming, volleyball and the park.

     Today I finished reading the last of the books I got for Christmas. It was on Christian Apologetics and I was disappointed with it.  The more I read the book the more it seemed like it had Catholic over tones to it.  When I researched the authors on the internet I learned I was right - they're both professors at a Catholic University.  I think they should have read the Bible before they wrote the book.

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