Friday, September 16, 2011

Crazy week - weekend

     This past week has been crazy around our house and this weekend is planning to continue the tradition. during the past week we had...
  • Monday - Soccer practice, music lessons,  swimming practice
  • Tuesday - Soccer game, swimming practice - keys locked in a car with a sleeping almost 2 year old.
  • Wednesday - Swimming practice, Awana meeting
  • Thursday - Soccer practice, swim meet
  • Friday (today) - getting ready for camping at the Jack Pine retreat, soccer game, swim team cookie dough arrives. Jack Pine Retreat (our family host's it)
  • Saturday - Jack Pine Retreat
  • Sunday - Jack Pine Retreat and clean up.
      Of course this doesn't include school or many other things I'm sure I missed out on while I was at work.

     During the past week, those of us in Northern Mn have experienced over a 60 degree temperature change from the upper 80's to the mid 20's on the Fahrenheit scale if you go by Celsius it was still a big change from about 30 above to 5 below.

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