Friday, September 9, 2011


     Here's something crazy - playing soccer in Northern Minnesota in September when the temp is near 90 in the shade and there is none.  Today was are first official soccer game of the season and I think we did all right.  We scored first and held that 1 goal lead till close to the end of the game when TRF (the team we played against) tied it up and that was how the game ended 1-1.  The senior team didn't fair as well as they lost 0-2

     Standing on the side line coaching the kids went pretty well other than a little sun burn on the top of the head.  I must say my defense shocked me.  They were playing the way I've been trying to get them to play for years and it made a difference.

     Our next game will be next Friday - same time, same place, different team and it should be about 25 degrees cooler.  If anybody is coming up early for Jack Pine they are welcome to come watch the kids play at 3:00 and 4:30 Just give us a heads up if you need directions to the field

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