Friday, March 9, 2012


     I see I haven't updated for awhile.

     Last weekend our Family headed South for the Bemidji Winter Retreat and believe it or not we got some winter. Temps well below zero Fahrenheit and a thin layer of snow (enough to give us problems going up the hill to my in-laws. I actually had to back our van down hill,around two corners in the dark to get to the house another way)

     The weekend went well otherwise and we had a great time with some good food and messages. Returning home we found we had brought back more than we expected in the form of sickness.  We've had kids sick with fevers and even I got it this time but it didn't keep me from work even though my wife thought I should have stayed home in bed.

     I also found out that I'm going to be an uncle again.

     On Wednesday I had another Doctor visit to try and figure out why I haven't been feeling quite right.  My symptoms started sporadicly at the end of January / beginning of February and have slowly gotten worse.  With a little bit of research and a talk with the doc we think the vary thing that caused my problems several years ago is causing the problems again - my thyroid.  In the past it was Hypo or under active. Now it seems to be acting so we are working on cutting down my medication.  Along the way I've skipped taking the medication a couple times and seen improvements. In about 6 weeks I get to have a follow up to see how things are progressing.

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