Friday, March 23, 2012


     This past week my Dad celebrated his birthday - I think it was number 70 but who's counting. The following day he was in the hospital for a angiogram - test results came back good.

     Today, 3/23/2012 - my oldest daughter passed her road test and is now a licensed driver. - I think I may be getting old.  In about two months she'll be graduating.

     The weather this past week has again been non typical for this time of year with highs at our house nearing 80 degrees again.  As a result, the other day my three youngest daughters were all outside running around in swim suits. - They're the crazy ones this week.

     David - the two year old - has started going potty on the potty chair - I wonder if it will last.

     Two weeks ago I got my meds for my thyroid changed slightly and this week I'm really noticing the effects and the change is working.

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