Saturday, May 26, 2012


     I've set myself up for a big pile of work recently and it's driving my eyes crazy.  It all has something to do with document control.  All of the "prints"  charts, job aides, forms, etc in our dept at work are suppose to be controlled in the sense that there is to be documentation in a computer log as to everything on the floor for keeping everything up to date.  What I'm finding is only about 1/4 to 1/5 of our documents have been officially documented and many of the ones that are, are out of date.  For many of the documents I have to track down the prints they are based on and either make new charts or job aides or update the ones we have or..... on and on it goes.  I may be doing this for months to come.

     This past Monday work had me taking a trip to our Grafton plant to check out some systems that will be coming to our plant in the future. to top that off, we worked an entire 40 hour week which we haven't done in months.

     Here at home we are still working on left overs from my daughter's graduation celebration which we held last Saturday with great success even though it was cool and somewhat wet.  Since that time we have also had to recitals to go to for the two oldest boys - one for guitar and one for piano.

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