Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's A Small World?

     Let's just say it has continued to be hot here but than it has been hot everywhere.  Even though it has been hot, it hasn't been hot enough yet for our added breaks at work. Anyway this past Thursday I got my glasses and am wearing them on and off to get used to them.  While they haven't said anything yet, I think some of my kids think I look funny wearing them. But heat and glasses don't fit the post's title.

     On Saturday we had a busy day but it was not at home.  We got up early (early for our family) and got on the road for a Baby Birthday Party which is hosted by the midwife who we had for our last three children.  She does this once a year for all the babies she has helped with.  the drive was between 2 1/2 and 3 hours.  It was there I was visiting with another family that our midwife had helped that I discovered (again) how small the world is.  The fellow I was visiting with as it turned out was not only from my hometown but he was a classmate that graduated from Brainerd the same year I did.  While there the kids got to tour the fire hall and our youngest (David) when he saw the lights turn on put his hands over his ears expecting the siren to go.  Later on someone did turn the siren on and even though it was loud, David told my he like that sound.  Before we left each of the kids got to pick a present out of one of two bins and our kids picked a flash light, a mini magna doodle, a screw driver set and two jump ropes.

     Once we left we didn't go home, instead we went to another birthday party. where there was plenty of food grilled of course and time for my wife and several of the kids to jump in a pool. 14 hours later we made it home.

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