Saturday, July 14, 2012


     Yeah, I know it's been hot around the country and while we have not had the 100+ temps, here in Northern Mn. it's been extremely hot as we are built for the cold, and we could drop the temperature 100 degrees and still be comfortable.

     Since last time I posted We've had the two middle girls spend a week at camp.  For Melissa it was her first time and she loved.  Of course the girls did have to miss out on the 4th of July celebrations - where we went to town before noon because the oldest was scheduled to work at the outdoor pool as a lifeguard, however due to rain and thunderstorms the pool never opened and we sat in the van for over 2 hours waiting for the weather to dry up.  Once it did we were able to get out and enjoy the day with the inflatable "rides" the play ground, some races, a parade, a chili cook off, Dairy Queen and eventually fireworks without mosquitoes.

     This past week I broke down and finally went and had my eyes checked.  It's hard to admit that your eyes aren't what they used to be.  Anyways, the optometrists said my eyes were 20/40 up close and 20/24 at a distance.  So I'll be getting some glasses - mainly for reading and they'll be bifocals on top of it.

     In the mean time we are celebrating my middle boys golden birthday today.  Jason is 14 now and to celebrate he started with a sleepover with 3 extra boys - 2 good friends and their foreign exchange student.  Latter some more friends are suppose to b coming over to help celebrate as well.

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