Sunday, November 18, 2012

A little Wet

     I've been working on the floors and the bathroom floor was completed without to much of a problem and I learned a lot along the way.  One of the things I learned was related to the reason the floors were bad in the first place. What I thought was a problem related to water from plumbing turned out to be a problem from moisture from our dryer.  As I was tearing out a section of the bad floor, I started getting blasted with hot moist air.  Apparently the dryer which was vented down through the floor was venting into the space between the floor joist and above the insulation.

     I did get the bathroom floor finished but by the time I got done I was too sore to do anymore that weekend.  The floor itself, while it's not perfect, is done. I had the kids helping me nail down the underlayment and I failed to check to make sure it was all nailed down so we have a bit of a bubble in the floor.

     As for the laundry area floor - slow going is the best way to sum it up. After an area of the floor was cleaned out, I managed to tear up a 4'x4' section with relative ease learning from my experience tearing out the bathroom floor. Once that section was opened up I started to work on stuff that needed to be done with the floor up like the dryer problem. Because of the dryer problem I decided to pick up supplies and put a dryer vent in out through the wall to the back yard.  It's not easy putting a 4" hole through log siding and a floor joist but after many days at picking away at it I managed to get it done.

     Along with the dryer vent I wanted to install a outdoor faucet so I put a hole through the wall and put a frost free faucet in.  That was easy - hooking it up to the water line, well, I got a little wet.........   Turns out the two different size "T"'s i picked up to splice into the water line with are both the wrong size.  We have flexible hose type water lines and the bigger of the t's wouldn't go in to the water line at all and the smaller one was too loose but I had the line cut and for the time being I mad the smaller one sort of work.  I've got it clamped on as tight as I can get it so leakage at the moment is nill or very little but I don't trust it so I'll be looking for another option before I start in on tearing up more floor.

     In the mean time, I did finish tearing out a closet in that area and started to tear out the walls around our hot water heater - I have to drain it, disconnect it and move it to replace the floor under it to - I was going to do all the walls around the water heater but after opening things up I learned that the wall is holding the water heater up as the floor under it is that bad. So that waits as well.

     Hopefully, by Thanksgiving I can have the water problem fixed, and the first 4 feet of  floor in place.

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