Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wiper Blade

     Right around Christmas I noticed that the wiper blade on the drivers side of my car was busted so I bought a new one while shopping in Bemidji New Years Week End.  When we got home, I put it on and thought nothing more about it.

     A couple days ago my wife told me I should have changed the wiper on the drivers side while I was doing the passenger side because it absolutely did not work.   It WAS the drivers side I changed.  Apparently, the wiper doesn't like working when you forget to take the protective plastic off of the blade itself.  That said, It works great - now.

1 comment:

Sandy Gonzales said...

Haha! You were able to figure out immediately what the problem was, at the very least. Good job! Some people would’ve panicked in an instant and rush the wipers back to the store. I think that would be funnier. XD