Thursday, June 2, 2011

A little windy

     It's been a little windy around here as of late.  On my way home today the wind was blowing the car around on the road and the local radio station said the forecast was for winds blowing 16 to 22 mph but the were supposedly blowing from 22 to 28 mph.  That didn't seem right so I looked at the computer when I got home and the winds were was actually blowing around 35 with gusts up to 49.  I don't think I'll fly a kite today - not sure I want to go to OZ for a visit.

     When the wind blows trees often start to come down and there has been at least three down close to home.  The first one noticed was just off the edge of the yard than the kids found another blown into the power lines not far from the house and this afternoon they found a third tree across the road to the south of us.

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