Saturday, July 16, 2011

Changed Plans

     My plans for this weekend were to go blueberry picking not to the emergency room in pain.

     It was sometime around 11:00 PM Friday evening when the pain hit in the lower right of my abdomen or there about. Taking Tylenol didn't help and the pain got worse so got dressed and my wife took me yo the ER 35 miles away through the fog.

      One there and checked in. the tests began.  It took three tries to get a needle in to draw blood it didn't take me three tries to hit the cup for the urine sample.  They gave me a shpt in the butt of pain medication which pnly helped a little.  Shortly after that they did a scan and said we would have to wait an hour for the results.  While we waited they decided to put an I V in. and that took them another 3 or 4 pokes.  Once it was in they gave me some morphine for the pain - that stuff worked.

      It didn't seem to be too much longer after that when the results from the scan came back - I had a kidney stone which appeared to be close to coming out and an-infection. I was put on meds for the infection and I was given something stronger for the pain if needed for for the pain and told to drink lots of water to finish forcing the stone out and was told they would like the stone when it comes out so I have to filter for it.

     In the mean time I've been trying to catch up on sleep and being driven crazy by David.

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