Monday, July 18, 2011

A New Way To Keep Cool

     At home today one thermometer read 99 while the other 101. It was and still is hot here in Northern Minnesota just like everywhere else - but we're not built for heat we're built for cold - like 20 below zero.

     At work the only AC  is in the offices and meeting rooms so there isn't very many places to go to keep cool - so how about a trip to the clinic for stitches after all they have AC.  Well, that's what happened but not intentionally..  I was working on repairs when the putty knife I was using slipped and sliced my wrist open - It took about 10 stitches and my fingers are still numb.  On top of it all, because it happened during work they require a drug test which meant getting poked again for more blood - they got me the first time this time.

     Maybe I'll just stay in bed the rest of the week :)

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