Friday, January 20, 2012

Rain or Snow or Both

     This last week I got to watch it rain while it was snowing.  On Wednesday I brought a group of people from the department at work down to the test chambers to watch a water test which is the equivalent of rain hitting a window at 45 mile an hour to see if it leaks. (Sounds like I may get to watch these test every month now) In the meantime it was snowing outside as winter finally arrived. 

     This past week has also been a week of cold as temps reached over 20 below zero several times.  The cold even brought the cancellation of our kids ski trip.  I think they'll try again next week when it should be in the 20's above zero.  When we go to the ski trip I usually sit in the lodge with the little ones and leave the crazy stuff (putting on skis and going down the hill) to my wife and kids.


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