Saturday, May 7, 2011


     Survived another sleep over last night.  I think the kids had fun, the boys that spent the night brought their air soft guns and the kids did a bunch of shooting around the yard.  The only problem I had with their fun was the smudges all over my safety glasses they borrowed.

     On Wednesday we celebrated my oldest daughter's birthday - she's now 17 But that didn't take place until; after my wife made a trip to a dentist in Grand Forks for David.  It appears as if his teeth are as bad as his older siblings (Melissa and Laura)  He'll need to spend a day have crowns, caps, etc done to a bunch of his teeth.

     On Thursday evening my wife took the younger kids to a fund raising carnival and than to the pool only to realize that when we had made a trade off earlier in the day she had forgotten to transfer her swim suit and check book.

     Now it's Saturday evening and everything is back to normal, normal, normal, normal.....

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