Sunday, May 29, 2011


     Well, This crazy dad just returned from a weekend trip to Bemidji.

     On Friday it was child # 5's birthday, Yep, on Friday Melissa turned 7 years old and while she received a bunch of Zoobles, she really wanted to go to Bemidji to Grandma's and to "Putt n Go," so much so that Thursday night she cries herself to sleep because nobody had packed to go.  Well, Friday afternoon we all packed up and went to Bemidji so she could have her birthday wish but we had to wait to go to Putt n Go because of rain.  On Saturday after a lunch of pizza burgers we loaded 6 of the kids in the car and headed out to shop and go to Putt n Go while Aaron stayed behind and helped Grandpa fix an antifreeze leak on grandpa's car.

     Once we got to Putt n Go the kids had a blast but they couldn't go down the slide as it was not warm enough for them to open it up. First they hit the bumper boats and David cried when the ride ended and he had to get out,  Next they did the go carts and that's where I got dragged in to drive.  Once they were done three kids headed over to the mini golf and before they could finish, down came the rain.

     From there, we went to Menards to check on and pick up a couple things like a teeball set and a 48 inch beach ball and a few more items.  Walmart was next where we got a new bike for Jason and a new grill which the kids are anxiously waiting to put together.

     Sunday we went to church in Bemidji and was able to witness a baptism which is always a special event.  The gal that was baptized was my wife's brother's wife's sister's Mother-in-law. After a lunch of Tacos we packed up and went shopping one more time and bought a trailer.  Half way home we were tempted to use it to haul a crabby child.

     Upon are arrival home we were attacked by swarms of vicious mosquitoes.  As a result we left the van unloaded until tomorrow when hopefully the mosquitoes will have died down a little.

     All in all it was a wonderful weekend and it's still not over.  Hope your weekend is just as fun filled.

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