Saturday, May 14, 2011


     Today brings to an end 32 hour weeks / 8 hour days at work - starting next week we are back to 10 hour days / 40 hour weeks and of course it just so happens that I'll be working the night shift next week from 4:00 PM to 2:30 AM. To work those hours one must be crazy.

     Today also marked the beginning of fishing season in Minnesota and no I didn't go, In fact I haven't gone for many years but I can remember getting up and going out fishing at Midnight as soon as it opened - yeah, I was crazy.

     Had some fun with Melissa and Laura earlier this evening with North, South, East, and West. With Laura on my shoulders Her and Melissa kept trying to get me to go some where by hollering out a direction but they couldn't remember East and were having all kinds of trouble (fun) trying to get me where they wanted me.

     This past week I got to hear the whipper wills which have returned to the area.  Some nights it seems like they call all night long.  Night sounds when you live out in the state forest can become loud.

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